Sunday, May 1, 2016

The nerve of some people

We've all seen the Lebron James Kia commercials. He claims to drive such an automobile, but others have scoffed. No way would the King of hoops be tooling around town in a Kia, they bluster.

Maybe both sides are right. Chances are good Lebron Raymone James owns a whole fleet of cars and a Kia might just be one of them. For him to advertise a product he does not use/own would be disingenuous at best, and flirt on the wrong side of certain statutes at worst. Besides, it's no doubt a free car, courtesy of the company. Lots of people could appreciate perks like that.

But to dispel any doubters, Lebron has doubled down on the commercials. Yon hoopster doth solemnly swear he indeed drives a Kia. Well then, let's see.

This is a man who is a multi-millonaire many times over. An American citizen born and raised in Ohio. How did he make all his money? Having Americans flock to see him play basketball, or buy his sports paraphernalia. Without the rabid support of so many American basketball fans he might have wound up being just a really tall guy at a fast food window somewhere. After all, he never spent a day in college trying to further his education.

And how does he pay them back for the incredibly good fortune they have bestowed upon him? By advertising a car made in Korea. It's like spitting in the face of American auto workers. He could advertise a Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Buick, or Cadillac, among other American brands. But no. Lebron wants to repeat over and over again his allegiance to a foreign car company.

The utter nerve of this guy.

After the Okla City Thunder was absolutely destroyed in Game 1 of their series with the San Antonio Spurs, they offered up the usual suspects for the post-game press conference. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. RW and KG remain cocky. Or perhaps oblivious to the obvious. They and their team had just suffered a 32 point defeat, one of the worst in the history of the NBA playoffs. A serious beatdown by any standards.

But Westbrook and Durant refused to acknowledge, much less give credit to the excellence of the Spurs. Rather, they claimed they only needed to make "minor adjustments" and everything would be just fine. Hey, the Spurs probably could have beat them by 50 if they hadn't emptied the very end of their bench for almost the entire fourth quarter. Minor adjustments? Wouldn't that be a bit like having an extra can of insect repellent when one is up to their ass in alligators in the Everglades?

They got taken to the proverbial woodshed, good and proper, but are either too stupid or arrogant to admit it. Confidence is good. Blindly brushing off the obvious in the name of "saving face" doesn't always work out so well. Especially when you just got trashed.

The nerve of those guys.

LA Clippers head coach Glen "Doc" Rivers got all emotional after him team was eliminated from the playoffs by the Portland Trail Blazers. True, the Clips had lost the services of their two best players due to injury. Even Doc's own kid, Austin, took a shot to the face which required a few stitches and left him with a whopper shiner. Nothing like beating up the whole family when nepotism is involved.

But here's the thing. The Trail Blazers get the dubious honor of playing a second round playoff series against the Golden State Warriors. Even without Steph Curry, the Warriors will likely easily prevail.

It could have been Doc's team instead. And even WITH the services of his two best players, the Clips weren't going to get past GS either. They're... just... not... good... enough. Who's kidding who?

Save us the tears Doc. You're making an obscene amount of money and your team didn't have a prayer of making it to the Finals anyway. They were, at best, a second tier team all along, and everybody knew it. Your boy will be just fine with that little eye problem. It will heal.

So quit with the theatrics. Like we ever cared anyway.

The nerve of this guy.

Let me see if I have this right. A certain Presidential candidate, who has been mathematically eliminated from receiving his party's nomination, has picked his future Vice President.

There's nerve, and then there's nerve.

Only in America.......

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Shame on them

A Miami Marlins pitcher pitched 7 and 2/3 innings of no hit ball (as in 4 outs to go) in a game against the Milwaukee Brewers. He was cruising along quite nicely. Then out came manager Don Mattingly. The starter had to go because his pitch count was up to 116.

So since when do you yank a guy when he's 4 outs away from throwing a no-hitter? Maybe he would have got it. and maybe not. Are we to believe another 20-30 pitches would have caused this guy's arm to fall off? Bring on the reliever, who not only blew the no-hitter but surrendered 3 runs.

Shame on Mattingly. No wonder he got broomed as the manager in LA-LA land. Besides, he was a first baseman when he played for the Yankees. What the hell did he ever know about pitching? You don't take a guy out that's closing in on a no-hitter, regardless of the pitch count -- unless he WANTS to come out for whatever reason.

The Charlotte Hornets had their shot. After winning a road game against the Miami Heat to take a 3-2 series lead, all the Carolina boys had to do was hold serve at home in Game 6 to move on in the playoffs. But they blew it. With the series now tied 3-3 and the deciding Game 7 in Miami in a couple days, their chances of advancing look slim indeed. Shame on them for not seizing the opportunity when it was there.

Shame on the media for their treatment of former Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil that was selected in the first round of the NFL draft by the Miami Dolphins. So he smoked some weed a couple years ago in college. And admitted to asking for -- and receiving a few bucks to help his mother pay her electric bill.

Here's the thing. The dude was bluntly honest at his initial press conference. He owned all of it. Yes, it happened, he said. But now the vultures want to pile on because he -- horrrors! -- told the truth? He should be commended, not vilified. Such a scenario drives the witch hunters crazy. They always want to fan the flames looking for another "sensational" story to pursue -- real or fabricated/embellished. Tunsil pretty much put out the fire by openly admitting what everybody else already knew anyway.

And get real. How many college kids never smoked dope? Or star "student-athletes" got a few bucks under the table to help them along? It's as common as a politician evading a question. Or a Kardashian posting another butt video. Or the Detroit Lions falling short of making the Super Bowl. This stuff happens all the time, year after year. Who's kidding who?

Detroit Tiger pitcher Justin Verlander has a lot of nerve. After a player on another team got busted for PED use and suspended for 80 games, JV thinks the punishment wasn't harsh enough.

Hey, isn't Verlander a member of the Players Union? Isn't the whole premise behind unions to show solidarity with one's brothers and sisters against the evil empire of management? And isn't this the same guy that's been making $20+ million a year in recent times while turning in mediocre seasons? The same guy that's been rolling in the hay with Kate Upton?

All of that could probably be overlooked, but one thing cannot. Verlander is the guy responsible for foisting his gawd-awful breakfast cereal -- Fastball Flakes -- on the public for a few more bucks he obviously didn't need. Ever tried that stuff? If not, here's a tip. Don't. I did once, yuck, and put the rest of the box out back in a bowl. Even the squirrels and chipmunks wouldn't eat it. But I did keep the empty box as a sort of reminder. It sits on a shelf with other memorabilia. Every time I glance at it and see JV's mug and the name Fastball Flakes, it just sort of makes sense. If there was ever a fastball flake.....

But Verlander thinks his union brothers should be hammered even harder for trying to scam the system, while at the same time he tried to peddle starving vulture food on Tiger fans to pad his own already bulging bank accounts even further? Really?

Shame on him.

On another note, we have the Presidential wannabes slugging it out. Most of them shamelessly slime the others while ignoring the skeletons in their own closets. The one that seems to be telling the truth, ala Laremy Tunsil above, is the one that is coming under the most fire.

Shame on us.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Ranting on the NFL draft

People do things that drive us "sorta-sane" folks crazy. Sometimes it's little kids, a significant other, a neighbor, or a nit-wit cop pulling you over only to tell you what a good driver you are. We just want to scream -- 'WHATZAMATTUH YOU?" And these are no accidents. They all do it on purpose for no other good reason than to irritate us. Which brings me to....

The NFL draft. It didn't take long for it to become grrr-worthy.

The St. Louis/LA Rams had the first overall pick. Everybody in the solar system and beyond already knew they were going to take QB Jared Goff. They'd had months to watch film, check him out at the meat market Indy combine, interview and psycho-analyze him, and probably knew more about him than his own mother did. Goff was their guy.

And then the draft officially started. Commish Roger Goodell was hailed by the usual chorus of boos and the Rams were "on the clock". So here's a question.....

Given their pick was already a no-brainer, why did they let minute after agonizing minute go by until they made the pick official? Tick, tick, tick, until the last second. A total waste of time, and irritating.

Next up were the Philadelphia Eagles. Like the Rams, their pick had been etched in stone for some time. It was going to be Carson Wentz. Everybody knew it. But they let the clock drag on as well. Tick, tick, tick. Arrgh. What is it with these people? Would they wait until the last room of their homes were engulfed in flames before calling the fire department to report a problem?

The first two picks were givens. After that, nobody knew for sure what would happen next. Joey
Bosa and Ezekiel Elliot of Ohio State would go #3 and #4 to Jacksonville and Dallas respectively. Buckeyes would continue to fly off the board. Evidently Oscar, excuse, Urban Meyer is turning out some high grade meat in Columbus these days.

Finally, with the 16th pick, the ever laughable and long-losing Detroit Lions got their shot. Name the position, and the Motown puddy-tats had a need. So they selected --- another Buckeye -- an offensive tackle named Taylor Decker to be exact. Given the history of the Lions, it probably wasn't a bad choice.

Of course the Lions and their ever-faithful media will trumpet this pick to the heavens. Decker is the guy they wanted all along, they'll claim. Believe that if you will.

It's funny how loyalties can turn so quickly in Michigan. Typically, they abhor anything Buckeye. In Ann Arbor and East Lansing, the homes of Michigan and Michigan State, Ohio State is generally regarded as a combination of ISIS and a bad case of the clap. Let's just say there's no love lost.

But when the Lions draft a Buckeye, all of a sudden he turns into a hero. All is forgiven, let the praise begin and break out the rose petals. To be sure, all in all Michigan is a much more beautiful state than Ohio -- except for the roads. To the south, starting right at the border, thoroughfares offer a smooth ride and are well maintained. To the north, it becomes more of a motorist minefield trying to dodge the craters. Given they're neighboring states and experience the same sort of weather year round, it would appear one has their act together and the other not.

Nevertheless, Taylor Decker will be a Detroit Lion. Is he happy where he went? Probably not, but a few million bucks usually has a way of soothing such sentiments.

And the Lions could have done worse. Given their foibles over the years, would we have been totally surprised if they had gotten the name wrong on draft day? The division they play in has been called the black and blue. So what if, in another moment of confusion, they filled out their draft card wrong? Combine black and blue with Taylor Decker and what do you get?

Roger Goodell stepping up to the podium and announcing that with the 16th pick of the 2016 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions have selected ---  Black and Decker? To wear the blue?

Now that would have truly been a "Taylor" made offensive tackle. Lions style.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

You know you're in trouble when....

1) You're the NFL league offices (see Roger Goodell).
You've long had a phobia about anything concerning gambling.
A maverick son of a maverick owner (Mark/.Al Davis) is talking about moving his Raider team to Las Vegas.
And a big time casino operator is on board willing to bankroll the building of a gaudy new stadium in Sin City.
You can huff and puff all you want, but there's little you can do to stop it if a couple billionaires get together and decide to make it happen.
[On that note, how stupid are the people running the Oakland Coliseum where the Raiders currently play? They want the Raiders to stay, but quadrupled their rent from $925,000 a year to $3,500,000? Further, if you were the owner, where would you rather hang out? The armpit of Oakland or the glitz of Vegas?]

2) Your name is Brad Ausmus, the current manager of the Detroit Tigers. With supposedly the "best starting pitching staff" in all of baseball, plus a regular "murderer's row" batting line-up last year -- your team finished in the basement of their own division. In the off-season, your bosses went out and spent countless millions on free agents to shore up the roster. Now you find your team wallowing around .500, are already 5 games behind, and April isn't over yet. Plus, you're a lame duck manager on the last year of his contract.

3) You think you know for sure what's going to happen next in the wacky case of Johnny Manziel. He's done some dumb things along the way like most guys his age do. Yet now you have to wonder what kind of idiot he has representing him. Accused of misdemeanor assault, Johnny Football was recently -- drum roll please -- INDICTED on such a "heinous" crime against humanity. But his lawyer says video will show his former girlfriend was the aggressor. Could be. Roll tape and let's find out. Seems simple enough. In the meantime, JM was booked and quickly released on a $1500 bond. Chump change. Now his brilliant mouth-piece has claimed Johnny won't "surrender" until the day of the next hearing. Well, duh. When's the last time you heard of an accused person free on bond deciding he'd rather sit in jail instead while waiting for the "wheels of justice" to creep along at their usual snail's pace? Johnny might currently not have a team to play for, but his lawyer isn't doing him any favors mentioning the word "surrender" -- over a measly misdemeanor the same counselor claims he never committed in the first place. It only fuels media hype -- which is the LAST thing he needs right now. Where did he find this guy? In the Yellow Pages under WTF?

4) You're a long-suffering Detroit Lions season ticket holder. The team just raised its prices again and you bought into it -- again -- thinking this just might be the year. At the same time, you're furiously cramming for an upcoming MENSA exam to determine if you're smart enough to belong in the elite brain club. You can't have it both ways. They are mutually exclusive.

5) You just happen to be the guy that went on social media -- to much fanfare -- and swore he'd get NHL Commish Gary Bettmann's face tattooed on his -- um -- nether regions if the LA Kings and Chicago Black Hawks both got bounced in the first round of the NHL playoffs. Guess what happened? They be gone and he be headed for some rather embarrassing lifetime ink if he's a man of his word. And what kind of fool would expose himself to such a possibility -- however remote -- in the first place? What was the upside? A few more likes or hits if the overwhelmingly probable happened? As Bugs Bunny would have said -- what a maroon.

6) Your name is Sam Bradford. Your team, the Philadelphia Eagles, recently signed a back-up QB to the tune of $8 million per year. Then they just traded up to get the #2 overall pick in the draft. It's a no-brainer they'll pick whichever QB between Jared Goff and Carson Wentz the Rams DON'T pick at #1. You've been injury prone like Evel Knievel over your career. You have a losing record and sorry QB stats along the way. Now you want to go elsewhere -- but no other team has stepped up to show any interest. So here's an idea, Sam. Just shut up and collect the millions the Eagles still seem dumb enough to pay you. The best job in the NFL is making mega-bucks while standing on the sidelines and not having to get pounded on the field. That pride thing sometimes has a way of landing you in operating rooms and then months of rehab. Hello???

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

NBA playoffs and turning worms

Once upon a time not long ago, the LA Clippers had a shot at greatness this year. Could they finally win a championship? Nah, of course not. Forget that. They weren't even going to get to the Conference Finals -- a place they've never been before -- let alone winning two more playoff rounds to capture the title. That was NEVER going to happen.

Yet with the injury to Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, most thought the Clips had a shot, however slim, of pulling off an upset in the second round against the defending champs. And then calamity struck. In the same Game 4 against the Portland Trail Blazers, "star" point guard Chris Paul broke his hand and "stud" Blake Griffin managed to yank his quad out of shape -- again. Both are lost for the remainder of the playoffs.

Without them, the team Donald Sterling finally built into a kinda sorta contender appears to be in big trouble. Many think they won't even get past the Blazers for a SHOT at the Warriors. With the series tied 2-2 and the RipCity bunch knowing their opponents just lost their two best players -- it wouldn't come as much of a surprise if the Blazers, already youthfully confident, sent the Clips packing for yet another season. It was going to happen anyway, but few thought it would be this soon.

But that's how fast things can happen when it comes to injuries dooming a team. Ya never know.

In the other Western Conference semis, Okla City will cede home court advantage to San Antonio. The Thunder have two super-starrish players in Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, and are a dancing, flashy, trash-talking bunch. Meanwhile, the Spurs have been grinding it out all year quietly playing -- well -- Spurs basketball. It would be quite the upset indeed if the Okies found a way to dispatch Coach Pop's Alamolanders. But again, ya never know. Though the Spurs are probably the deepest team in the NBA, a couple bang-bang injuries to key players could change that equation as well.

It's long been the consensus that San Antonio and Golden State would slug it out in the Western Conference finals. After all, they were clearly the best two teams all year long. The edge probably went to GS. But with Steph Curry being out for 2-3 weeks, who knows how effective he'll be if and when he returns? Another worm may have turned.

In the East, it's been almost a given the Cleveland Cavaliers would waltz through the playoffs to reach the NBA Finals. They swept the hapless Detroit Pistons in the opening round, will likely have little trouble with whoever survives the Boston/Atlanta series in the semis, nor face a serious threat by either Miami/Charlotte/Toronto/Indy that emerges from the other bracket to make the Conference Finals.

Pencil them in. Unless catastrophe strikes. Remember, last year the Cavs actually led the Warriors 2-1 in the NBA Finals. And that was without the services of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Sure, the Dubs put the petal to the metal for the next three games to claim the championship.

Can Lebron James finally bring a title to his beloved Cleveland? Maybe. With him, and a healthy supporting cast, the Cavs definitely have a legitimate shot against whoever comes out of the West.

But what if it doesn't work out that way? The NBA Finals are still a month away. Lots of things could happen in the interim. His all-world talents notwithstanding, one Lebron Ramone James has been blessed over his many years in the league by remaining relatively injury free. If HE goes down, for whatever reason, the Cavs get very vulnerable in a hurry. Lebron can carry a team all by himself at times, but the team cannot carry itself without him. Look what happened to the Cavs after he originally left. And the Heat a couple years ago.

Sure, he's in great shape. So were Steph Curry, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin. Those were all freak injuries as well.

But sometimes worms turn in a decidedly bad way for a player and, hence, his team's chances.

Ya just never know what might happen next......

Monday, April 25, 2016

Which is funnier/more pathetic?

Watching LA Clipper DeAndre Jordan dressed in drag while doing dopey insurance commercials, or seeing him on the court with his even MORE ridiculous natural hairdo? Of course, a third option shouldn't be overlooked. That would be when DJ steps to the free-throw line and shoots like he was instantly transformed into a Cheech and Chong character of old -- Blind Melon Chitlin.

Listening to Marv Albert call an NBA game, or the uniforms the Portland Trail Blazers wear? Old toupee Marv will work himself up into a frenzy before the contest is thirty seconds old. The score can be 2-2 and he's already screaming like a banshee on 'roids like this is the greatest thing that ever happened.
On the other hand are the Blazers. What gives with their uniforms saying RipCity? What happened to "Portland"? Then again RipCity might be appropriate. As in, the only pro sports team they have is the Blazers, and they'll be laid to rest quickly in the playoffs -- again. R.I.P. indeed.

The various cluster**** of boxing federations or the UFC controlled by Emperor Dana White?
In boxing, there's always at least three world champions in any given weight class. The weight classes themselves have become almost undecipherable. As just one example, it used to be a welterweight was 147 pounds. But now there's junior-welterweights which make them the same as super-lightweights, and super welterweights are junior-middleweights. And there's titles for all of them. But somehow the very same guy at the very same weight can theoretically fight for 6 or 8 different world titles. It's insanity. Crazier than Charles Barkley's golf swing.

What's that? DeAndre hit the rim with a charity toss? He's getting warmer.....

In the UFC, Conor McGregor was scheduled to fight a rematch with Nick Diaz. And then he wasn't. Rumors surfaced the Irishman had retired. CM quickly and emphatically came out and said he was NOT retired and fully intended to fight on the card of UFC 200. But then he couldn't. The above-mentioned Dana White, lord and master of all things octagon, decreed the fight was off. The reason? McGregor hadn't promoted it enough. Um, aren't fighters supposed to fight and leave the promoting to the shysters?

Oh wow. Jordan make a free throw. Dang, it's a miracle. Why was he at the free-throw line in the first place? Because he got kinda, sorta, maybe fouled while -- missing a dunk. Sort of evens out.

Nevertheless, boxing and mixed martial arts remain the only sports where nobody in attendance or watching on TV knows what the score is until the game is all over. How nutty is that? Worse yet, the "judges" have occasionally gone backwards in time to change their scores of a previous round during the bout. They saw it live and scored it, but in hindsight changed their minds? Wouldn't that be like adding or subtracting a couple runs or points in a baseball or football game after they've already been tallied? Such a concept is ludicrous -- always has been -- and ripe for all manners of corruption.

Whose stance is dumber? The NFL's or Tom Brady's over the "Deflategate" affair? It's dragged on for months. First Brady was suspended for 4 games. Then a federal court set that aside. He's back. Oops. Maybe not. An appellate court reversed that decision and #12 is looking at having September off again. But wait, it could be appealed yet again. Maybe all the way to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, both the league and Brady are likely spending millions on attorneys' fees. The high-priced mouthpieces are just that. By the time they get done with their "billable hours" -- on both sides -- they could probably pool their money and BUY a team.

And do you really think the Supremes would take up such a case? Good grief, they're running a judge short what with the Prez and Congress at political odds. Even if they did hear it, it would likely be months down the road. And what happens if there's a 4-4 tie when it's all over? More millions for the lawyers and nothing has changed.

Here's an idea they should have considered in the first place. Split the difference with a "no contest". Brady admits no guilt and the suspension is reduced to TWO games. Standing on principle can get mighty expensive both ways, and over what? The same amount of air a 5 year-old child needs to blow out her birthday cake candles? And in a game that was a blow-out itself? Forget the legacy crap. Brady will always be viewed by some as a cheater. The league will always be viewed as being heavy-handed by others.

Add it all up and what do you have? The proverbial lady-finger firecracker being turned into a weapon of mass destruction by the hypesters, while the lawyers continue to rake in the mega-dough arguing over it. In a way it's funny, but in another pathetic and stupid.

Which is more comical? The fact Tiger Woods registered to play in this year's US Open being OMG big news, or the foibles of former Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman?

Unless all the other golfers start hitting golf balls like DeAndre Jordan shoots free throws, Tiger doesn't have a prayer of winning.

Josh Norman, in his infinite wisdom, decided not to sign the franchise tag the Panthers had put on him. Had he done so, he would have made around $16 million a year for the next few. Not too shabby for a 29 year old corner. Then the Panthers woke up and realized the obvious. Why would they want to pay a guy that's past his prime guaranteed mega-bucks, and whose stats weren't all that great anyway, when they can draft a much younger corner and get him at a fraction of the price? So they yanked the offer off the table.

Alas, Josh, realizing the errors of his egotistical ways, made a last-ditch effort to sign the original offer. The team was no longer interested. Oops. Snooze ya lose.

So now JN is gone from a Super Bowl caliber team only to land with the woeful Washington Redskins.

At about half the money he could have had in the first place.

Funny? Pathetic? Or maybe just a bad -- repeat BAD -- idea?


Sunday, April 24, 2016

The wacky world of DUH

Well gee. Let's see. LA Lakers coach Byron Scott won't be returning next year. BS (appropriately enough) posted a two-year win-loss mark of 38-126. The Lakers finished over FIFTY games behind in their own division. That's quite a feat given an 82 game schedule. I wouldn't trust this guy to mow my lawn or super-size me at a drive-through let alone keep him in charge of running a professional sports franchise. DUH.

Why is it the 4-letter network insists on force-feeding Americans the results/highlights of soccer games played abroad? Nobody in the USA cares about what happens in the English Premier League. Or the Spanish one. Or Portuguese. Or Mexican. Do you really think the BBC and/or their Latino broadcasting comrades elsewhere are showing the same results of daily Major League Baseball games? Of course not. They and their viewers couldn't care less. So quit it. DUH.

Uh-oh. Another chapter in the wacky world of Johnny Manziel is about to unfold. Sources confirm Johnny Football will be -- drum roll please -- "formally indicted". No doubt the talk show circuit and social media will go berserk. Thing is, it's only a misdemeanor charge alleging inappropriate behavior towards his girlfriend. Maybe he did it, and maybe he didn't. Or maybe it was self-defense and justified. If it happened at all. Nobody knows until it plays out. If it plays out. Maybe a "settlement" will be reached and it all goes away. In the meantime, count on the media to bandy about heavy words like "assaultive" behavior and " violence" like he's some sort of homicidal lunatic running around with a chain saw. Hey, it's only a misdemeanor. Even if convicted, the worst that could happen to JM is a little jail time, a small fine, and probation. But leave it to the media to make the proverbial mountain out of a molehill. It is what it is, no more, and maybe it never was at all. The hype that is sure to come can be summed up in one three letter word. DUH.

Speaking of being aggressive, recent Sports Illustrated model Hailey Clauson has evidently decided to take up boxing, of all things. She says it improves her hand speed. That would seem to beg the obvious question. Just where, pray tell, might the lovely Ms. Clauson need faster hands? The boudoir? Interestingly enough, her initials, HC, are the same as a current Presidential candidate. Maybe said candidate could have used faster hands herself back in the day. Make of that what you will.

Nonetheless, dear Hailey claims boxing allows her to channel a powerful and aggressive side that leaves her feeling she can conquer anything. Hmm. Maybe she should give the other HC a call. They seem to have something in common.

If we can safely assume Clauson's boxing prowess isn't exactly yet on a par with world-class fighters, it's probably a good idea if she avoids getting into the Octagon with one of them any time in the near future. DUH.

But what sports fan wouldn't pony up big pay-per-view bucks to see the "Match of the Century"?

HC Sr. taking on HC Jr. in a cage match. Call it "Swimsuit vs Pantsuit". Or the "Thrilla with the Hilla". "Bunny/Money?"  "Howdy/Dowdy?"  "Rump/Frump?"  "Causing some chatter" against "What does it matter?" The promotional possibilities are endless.

By all means, bring it on. But not until the NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs are over. No sane American sports fan is going to plop down $79,99 on such a spectacle until the really important stuff is over. That would make about as much sense as giving the above-mentioned Byron Scott a long-term contract renewal or programming the DVR to record those foreign soccer scores. DUH.