Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dumb commercials and does it matter?

#3 Gonzaga just got knocked off by unranked BYU, snapping the longest home winning streak in the nation for men's college hoops. The Zags have been an adorable enough bunch in recent years but, c'mon, did anybody really think these guys were the #3 team in the country? So does it even matter?

Evidently, the purveyors of those little blue whoopee pills think actresses with a British accent can sell more of them to American men. How else to explain their recent commericals? Here we have an attractive woman lounging about with all the shades open in a house that looks to be worth millions. There we have another doing the same in an oceanside villa with a breathtaking view. Just one question. How come these cockney women can't seem to get dates? Beats me. Maybe THEY should ask their dawktor.

It's laughable how Danica Patrick confronted Denny Hamlin after the Daytona 500. Danica thought he had wrecked her, but replays proved otherwise. Nevertheless, the good Ms. Patrick seems to have a flair for pounding her fists, stomping her feet, and otherwise throwing hissy fits when things don't go her way. Hamlin was her latest target. She got up in his face, and push push pushed him in the chest while giving him her two cents worth. No big deal. But had Hamlin decided to even mildly reciprocate with the hands to chest thing to fend her off, it might well have been seen as some sort of sexual harassment. That's the way it works these days. Yet over time, one thing is becoming abundantly clear. Though Danica Patrick has always been afforded top notch cars and crews, and the media wants wants wants her to win something -- anything -- Kyle Petty just might have been right a while back when he said Danica can go fast but she'll never be a good racer. She can rant and rave all she wants -- but does it matter? It is what it is.

How many more times will we have to suffer through the moronic commercials that say 15 minutes could save you big bucks on insurance? Fifteen minutes, my ass. Yours truly has been trying for 15 MONTHS to locate one of their offices in my neck of the woods -- without success. Evidently, I'm supposed to go on-line and start sending money off to this company, and hope a little green lizard shows up to fix my car if a tree falls on it. With all due respect to Pinnochio, the retarded cowboy, and the guy with a million "bucks", amongst others, can't their ad guys come up with something new? Like how and where to talk face to face with an actual agent? Is that asking too much?

The Dallas Cowboys are talking about slapping the "franchise tag" on receiver Dez Bryant to keep him in the fold. That likely means league-leading running back Demarco Murray will be heading elsewhere. Franchise tags come with big bucks, and Murray is certainly looking for his "big payday". Throw in the other little details -- like having the remaining 50+ players under contract and, next thing you know, there's a problem with that pesky salary cap.

Here's the irony. Most every player will tell you it's not about the money, but about competing for and ultimately winning a Super Bowl. So, if that's the case, how come these guys don't take less money to keep their team together in their ultimate quest? After all, does it really matter whether a player is making 10, 15, or 20 million a year? Even after taxes, the low end is still a ridiculous amount of money. But no, they'd rather shuffle off to a team that has no -- ZERO -- chance of being Super Bowl worthy, as long as they get their precious few more million. It combines the epitome of hypocrisy with ignorant greed.

Kid Rock is catching flack for dissing Beyonce? That's a hoot. He says she's never had a hit song like Lynard Skynard's "Sweet Home Alabama". True enough. But the Kid himself tends to forget one thing. His whole personna is modeled after former Lyn Skyn lead singer Ronnie Van Zant, who tragically died with others in a plane crash back in the late 70s. Same hair. Same scraggly beard. Wears the same sort of hats. Same sort of shades. Stomps around the stage exactly like Ronnie once did. Writes the same sort of songs. His voice even sounds eerily familiar, as if he patterned it after RVZ. True, a generation or two has passed since Lyn Skyn was all the rage (though they still pack venues every place they go on tour these days), and Robert Ritchie (the Kid) has a much younger following these days that likely have no idea who RVZ was. But for Rock to throw out the "Sweet Alabama" reference while dissing another artist is the height of hypocrisy in the face of those that remember his original version long ago.

Despite the usual local hype, there's no way around it. The Detroit Pistons are terrible and look to remain so in the foreseeable future. Your truly LOLed when he read a recent article about how the Pistons were only a couple games out of the last playoff spot. That's one way of looking at it. Another would be to say the hapless Orlando Magic, pitiful Philadelphia 76ers, and Phil Jackson's dumping of every semi-talented player not named Carmelo Anthony for the NY Knicks in a salary cap purge for the future are the only worse teams in the entire conference. And the woeful Knicks, bringing up the rear in the entire NBA, just knocked off Detroit on the Pistons' home court. Ouch.

By league rules, the Pistons have to finish the season, and until they're mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, hope will spring eternal, as it always does with Detroit teams. But in reality, does it even matter? These guys are not a good basketball team by NBA standards, and whatever talent they do possess will likely be looking for a way out of town first chance they get. Of course, the draft will roll around in a few months, and the Pistons's misguided faithful will hail whoever is chosen as saviors that will lead them to the promised land. It happens every year.

But throwing a couple new band-aids on a gaping hatchet wound won't exactly fix the problem.

Haven't seen the "most interesting man in the world" in a while. I wonder what he's up to these days? If he wants to be REALLY interesting, he should go to Washington DC and school the spoiled 1st graders on how to run a government. Maybe he could get them all wasted on that beer he hawks. Couldn't hurt.

So Lebron James missed 8 free throws, a few shots he normally makes, and the Cleveland Cavaliers lost a game. Hey, the guy's arguably the best basketball player in the world, but he's not Superman much less Anderson Cooper. The dude normally plays about 100 games a year and he's going to have a bad day at the office every once in a while. It happens.

Speaking of CNN, I see where Coop is going to have a special on that still-missing Malaysian airliner. When it happened, a full year ago, AC and his merry band of experts talked non-stop about it for an entire month. Turned out, they didn't have a clue either, but their ratings went up. Amazing. Now he's bringing it back for a sequel? So what are they going to say this time, and does it even matter? Wake us up when the damn thing is finally found, if it ever is. Maybe Amelia Earhart and Jimmy Hoffa will be right next to it.

Now THAT would be a story.

Friday, February 27, 2015


It appears that, finally, the fight is going to happen. The date has been set for May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Or maybe it won't. It's still two months away and, given the antics over the last few years, it's far from etched in stone. So maybe the fight goes off, or maybe it doesn't. I wonder what, if any, sort of odds the bookies are giving on THAT?

Sure, if the fight actually happens, it's projected to set an all-time record for pay-per-views and total revenue. The high rollers will pay mega-bucks to see it live at the MGM, and countless millions more will pony up $79.95 or whatever to watch it on TV at home. Sports bars the world over will pack them in like sardines and do a very good night's business, thank you. Cha-ching. It might just be the warring factions in the Middle East and elsewhere will lay down their arms for a day to watch such a spectacle. That would be a good thing.

But you know what? The fight itself really doesn't matter that much anymore. It's WAY more about hype than substance. Floyd Mayweather is 37, and Manny Pacquiao is 36. No matter how one wishes to slice it or dice it, these are two pugilists far beyond their primes.

Five or six years ago, when both were at their peak, every boxing fan wanted to see such a match happen. But it didn't. Much of the blame can be laid at the feet of Mayweather. He wanted the lion's share of the purse and demanded Pacquiao undergo rigorous drug testing which, curiously, Floyd never mentioned undergoing himself. Throw in the usual shady promoters, who are basically in the slave trade, other rival factions, stir well, bring to a boil, and what do you get? A heaping pot of BS but no fight -- at least when it mattered.

It's not like either Mayweather or Pacaquiao is hard up for money and needs the fight to happen. Mayweather's total worth has been estimated around $300 million and Pacquiao's circa $120 million. With or without the fight, it's a safe bet both will be able to pay their electric bills at home, and won't be eating ramen noodles anytime soon.

Yep, Mayweather is undefeated and champion of all things welterweight. He's fought a couple decent fighters in recent years, but also cashed in on a few bums. In his spare time, he'll pop up here and there at other high-profile events, sporting and otherwise. He could be well on his way to stardom in the hip-hop world.

Pacquiao hasn't fared as well. He's not only been beaten in the ring, but knocked out. Yet in recent bouts, he seems to have regained his form. In his spare time, he's a Filipino congressman. He could be well on his way to becoming the President of the Phillipines. As a national hero, who would run against this guy in an election?

Then again, between rappers and politicians, it's hard to say which is more deserving of respect these days.

Nevertheless, here's hoping the fight really does happen. Let them both cash in and let the suckers pony up the big bucks to make it possible. The closer we get to the "magical" May 2 date, the higher gear the hype will shift into. Did I say "cha-ching"?

Five years ago this would have been "must-see". But not anymore.

It's just two past their prime fighters getting together for one last mega-payday.

If, as mentioned above, two guys that are 37 and 36 are the best of the 147 pound boxers anywhere in the world, then only one conclusion can be drawn.

The sport of boxing is in more trouble than we knew.

Kind of ironic how it works out. Mayweather is known for being shifty and elusive but Pacquiao is the politician.

Go figure. Only in boxing.

Reggie Bush. Over and out?

The Detroit Lions have cut Reggie Bush. It's really no great surprise. Bush is 30 years old, which is pushing the age limit when it comes to NFL running backs.

Yes, the Lions saved $1.7 million on his salary, but in today's world of insane professional athlete contracts, that's pretty much chump change. So it wasn't about the money.

Though Bush had been hyped as all this and all that since college, it could fairly be said he has been underwhelming in a couple different ways. In other words, between assets and liabilities, he turned out to be about average.

Sure, at USC he was the Big Man On Campus, even winning the Heisman Trophy. But it was later revealed Bush and his family had accepted "improper benefits" while he was a Trojan. Good grief, when he rolled up to the Heisman award ceremony in a limo, did he really think nobody would notice? On that note, years later, as the evidence became overwhelming, Bush would eventually give his Heisman trophy back.

So after the NCAA spooks were done turning over the rocks, USC got smacked with some serious sanctions, which would haunt them for years. But like his head coach Pete Carroll, Bush bailed and was off to the NFL.

Indeed, he would be the second overall pick in the draft, taken by the New Orleans Saints. While in the Big Easy, Bush would even win a Super Bowl. Yet his stats were never eye-popping. He would have his flashes of brilliance here and there, usually against bad teams, but he would also have his fair share of "thud" games when he would be completely stifled. For every great performance he seemed to have a dud. For every touchdown, a fumble. Roughly 4 yards per carry? Again, about average. Yes, he could catch short passes out of the backfield, but any running back who cannot won't be around very long.

But Bush had a problem over the years. Staying healthy. He incurred a variety of injuries and, in the meat market of the NFL, front offices and head coaches aren't overly fond of players making big bucks and taking up a roster spot while being on "sick leave" over and over again.

The Saints eventually wearied of Bush and shipped him off to the Miami Dolphins for a reserve safety.

After a short time in Miami, even the lowly Dolphins were willing to cut him loose.

On to Detroit where he was heralded by Lions' fans and their media as only they can do. Bush was going to put some pop into their running game. The sky's the limit.

But to no objective person's surprise, Reggie was still the same Reggie, only older. In the last couple years in Detroit, he did what he always did. A nice running play here or there, short catches out of the backfield, an occasional fumble, and more time on sick leave for various injuries.

Let's remember this was the Detroit Lions. While QB Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson continue to put up mega-passing stats every year, one of their weaknesses was/is a viable running game. The Lions currently only have three running backs under contract and all of them could be considered average at best. So for them to release Reggie Bush says volumes. If he couldn't stick with THAT team as a running back, even given his "smallish" salary, then who WILL have him?

Here's wishing Reggie Bush the best in wherever the future takes him, but yours truly surmises it might well be into retirement.

A 30 year old running back that couldn't even stick with the Lions and has a long history of being injury prone?

Two words.

Good luck.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Derrick Rose. Superstar or bust?

Chicago Bulls' guard Derrick Rose is a fantastic basketball player -- when he's healthy. And that seems to be the catch. Is he a super-star or perennially damaged goods -- a bust?

There's no questioning Rose's talents and abilities on the court, going all the way back to high school. Yet his past, present, and likely future have been a high-rollers crap shoot. Consider some of his accomplishments -- and stumbles -- along the way.....

By most accounts Rose was an "average" student at a Chicago area high school in a rough neighborhood. Not exactly honor-roll, but his grades were good enough to make him college eligible. Or were they?

He wound up going to Memphis, which was then coached by one John Calipari. That name should sound familiar. Memphis would reach the Final Four before bowing out. Rose would be a "one and done" under Calipari. That should DEFINITELY ring a bell.

As for his high school grades, an investigation later revealed at least one of them had been altered (upgraded) to bolster his college eligibility. No official culprit was ever determined, but Memphis got stuck with sanctions for two reasons. Though Rose himself claimed to be unaware of the hanky panky, entirely possible, he had also insisted one of his brothers be allowed to travel with the team. They had allowed it. That was a no-no. So the season Rose played for Memphis was vacated from the record books -- however much THAT matters.

Then off to the NBA having been drafted #1 overall by the Chicago Bulls. Still at the tender age of 20, Rose would go on to be the NBA's Rookie of the Year in 2008. But he had already experienced some tendinitis in his right knee. Though few paid any attention at the time, this would later prove to be a very bad omen of things to come. A young man in great shape not yet old enough to legally have a beer had tendinitis? That wasn't supposed to happen.

In 2009, Rose had an ankle injury which kept him out of the preseason. OK, anybody can twist their ankle. No biggie but, looking back, it was another sign.

Rose would indeed rebound, no pun intended, over the next couple years. He had a stellar 2010 -2011 season which resulted in him being the NBA MVP. For that matter, still only 22 1/2, Rose was the youngest to ever win the honor. Very heady stuff.

Headier yet was the max contract he signed following that season. $95 million for 5 years. All was well in Chitown and Derrick land. Dare I say the world of guns and Roses? Sorry. Ahem.

But the following year in the playoffs (May of 2012) Rose tore his left ACL. Surgery was required, and his rehab/recuperation time was given as 8-12 months. Obviously, he would not be ready for the start of the 2012-2013 season.

Right on schedule, 10 months later in March 2013, Rose was given a clean bill of health by the doctors. He was good-to-go -- full-tilt. While on that subject, let's not forget that big-time pro athletes get the finest medical care by the finest medical personnel in the country, if not the world. These guys know what they're talking about.

But Rose said he didn't feel quite right yet. Some thought he was "milking" a sick leave while making millions of dollars for doing nothing. Could have been. Others came to his defense and claimed only Derrick himself knew for sure how his body felt. Point noted.

At any rate, though medically cleared to play in March, Rose opted to sit out the rest of the season, including the entire playoffs which went well into June.

He would make his return in October of 2013, over a year and a half since his left knee injury (remember the original 8-12 month recovery period). By then he had collected roughly $30 million while not playing.

Sure enough, only a month later, Rose would suffer a torn meniscus in his right knee (the one that originally had tendinitis). More surgery, and out for the season again. Cha-ching.

Returning for the 2014-2015 campaign, Rose was doing fairly well, though a couple of his teammates had suffered injuries here and there that kept them out for various times.

Then bang, Rose went down yet again on Feb. 24. The meniscus was torn again. More surgery coming up, and nobody knows how long he'll be out this time. However, a doctor knowledgeable about such things said this procedure will only be of the minor arthroscopic variety. He shouldn't be out more than 6 weeks -- 8 at the max.

That means he should be ready for the playoffs which start in a couple months. But I'll just betcha, full medical clearance or not, we've seen the last of Derrick Rose this season, because that's the way he rolls. Nice work-- or not -- if one can get it. Did I mention cha-ching?

So taking all the above into account, one could reasonably ask themself this question.....

Look back up at the title of this post.....

A-Rod. One more go-round

Alex Rodriguez is thought of in different ways by different people, but a few things are indisputable.

As a teenager playing baseball, he was considered much like Lebron James would be years later. A phenomenal talent. A player who's abilities and potential were mind-boggling. The whole package -- and then some. His combination of power, speed, and defense were incredible for a man of his physical stature.

Indeed, after breaking into the Major Leagues at the tender young age of 18, he lived up to the hype -- and more.

Fourteen times an All-Star.
Three MVPs.
The youngest player to ever hit 500 home runs.
Same for 600 home runs.
He was on pace to -- maybe -- pass Ruth, Aaron, and even Bonds for the all-time home run record.

Taken alone, this was very impressive stuff. Sure, he had his detractors along the way, but that was likely more about sour grapes and jealousy than anything else. The guy was tearing it up at a record pace, and some people found ways not to like it.

Then along came the whole 'roid thing. A-Rod admitted to using while with the Texas Rangers from 2001-2003, and the eleven years since have sparked quite the controversy over how juiced he was or wasn't while with the NY Yankees.

Another thing that is indisputable is Rodriguez still holds the record for the largest contract ever signed by a professional baseball player. A ten-year deal inked after the 2007 season for a whopping $275 million -- guaranteed. In other words, the Yankees are still on the hook for over $60 million for the next couple years whether A-Rod plays or not.

That puts them in quite a spot. A-Rod is likely non-tradeable. He would definitely be a lightning rod drawing mostly negative attention from another team's local media. Radioactive might be an appropriate word. It's highly doubtful any other club would take on his salary, much less give up a player in return.

What Rodriguez did or did not do with "banned substances" since 2008 is a matter best left to others to haggle over. They say this and he says that. Certainly few would doubt the "court of public opinion" has found him guilty, but that always happens when the media sensationalizes allegations as they're prone to do. Something about ratings, whether they know the facts or not. Good grief, not long ago Anderson Cooper and CNN saw their "numbers" jump while reporting for an entire MONTH on a missing airplane. It's STILL missing several months later, so obviously they didn't know anything at the time -- but they sold the pseudo-hype to the masses. So who are the dummies indeed that tune in and draw conclusions over unsolved mysteries? Jimmy Hoffa/Amelia Earhart, anyone?

Nevertheless, a few facts stand out regarding A-Rod's recent and current situation. He's now 39 and will turn 40 in July. Also, he had to sit out the entire 2014 season due to his "drug related" suspension.

How many hits, homers, and RBIs he may have racked up last year if he had been allowed to play is anybody's guess. Certainly his productivity had slowed in recent years but, besides age, he had battled through injuries as well. Still, it could safely be said he would have increased his career statistics. Maybe by a little, or maybe by a bunch. It's all hindsight and speculation. Nobody will ever know because that year has come and gone. Poof.

Now he's in spring training with the rest of the Yankees. While the Yankee front office might not be pleased at the prospect, what choice do they have? For over $30 million a year, they might as well let the dude play, rather than paying him for doing nothing. He might even still be pretty good with the bat. Who knows?

Justified or not -- draw your own conclusions -- the missed 2014 season likely cost A-Rod any chance of ever becoming the all-time home run leader. Hey, had Babe Ruth, Hammering Hank, or Barry Bonds been forced to sit out a whole year, the record books might look a whole lot different.

But A-Rod is on the cusp of several notable accomplishments.

At 654 home runs, he stands only 6 behind Willie Mays for 4th place on the all-time list. Even if the Yanks only use him as a designated hitter this year -- surely he will surpass that.

A-Rod has 1969 career RBIs. Will he get a meager 31 more in 2015 to go over 2000? Likely so.

And he currently stands at 2939 hits. Sixty one short of the magical 3000 club. Can we safely pencil that in as well?

So even one more year will see Alex Rodriguez surpass a lot of milestones in MLB.

If not for the 'roid fiasco, between facts and speculation, he'd be a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame when he became eligible.

But it probably won't happen. Ask Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds. They were never found guilty of anything either. Just speculation, media hype, and the gullible court of public opinion. Decades later, all-time hits leader Pete Rose continues to twist in the wind because he dared to bet on his team -- TO WIN!!  How can that be so terribly wrong?

The worst scenario of them all continues to be Shoeless Joe Jackson. Most remember him as the ring-leader of the infamous 1919 Chicago "Black" Sox that threw a world series. He was banned from baseball for life and remains so almost a century later. History will tell you Jackson maintained his innocence until the day he died -- over 60 years ago.

But if one looks it up, they will find that after all the evidence had been collected, and testimony taken, Shoeless Joe was found completely innocent years later of any wrong-doing. The fans that beseeched Jackson at the time with the famous question -- "Say it ain't so, Joe", turned out to be prophetic. It was NOT so.

Yet sadly, then and now, few bother to actually wait for the whole truth to come out before making final judgments based on nothing more than speculation. And 100% of the time such verdicts come back "guilty".

It ain't always so.

The truly tragic part is three-fold.

First, lives and careers are destroyed when people in power with their own agendas make a "statement" before all the facts are in.

Second, even if proven wrong later, the media that jumped on such things in the first place will never go back and admit they misled the public. On to the next story, and who cares about the carnage they left behind?

Lastly, the people themselves that continue to believe everything they read or what the talking heads tell them, without ever stopping to think objectively on such matters. Sometimes the deception is subtle, but other times blatant. At yet other times, it's just a matter of ignorance staring one in their face while trying to convince them of something.

Regardless, here's wishing Alex Rodriguez all the best in his comeback. Whatever he did or did not do in the past, the man has certainly already been punished enough.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kyle, Kurt, and Georges

Kyle Busch just suffered a broken leg and foot after a crash at Daytona. He's out indefinitely. But you know what? This was in a race he had no business participating in. What is it with some of these Sprint Cup drivers?

They already have a full time job in the "major leagues" of stock car racing making mega-bucks. So what are they doing playing in "minor league" games for chump change? Once in the big leagues, you didn't see stars like Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson racing around in lesser cars -- much less trucks. It was beneath their stature. It seems only the "volatile" personalities engage in such nonsense.

Brad Keselowski isn't exactly the most popular driver in the garage area, and Tony Stewart wound up killing a kid on a dirt track last year. Now Kyle is out with some broken bones. It was all unnecessary if they'd stuck to their primary jobs to begin with. Do they need to beat up on the kids with lesser equipment to feed their fragile egos? Besides, in Kyle's case, he drives a Japanese car in the most American racing series there is. Doesn't NASCAR itself bill the Daytona 500 as the "Great American Race"? So why do they allow Toyotas and hot-heads like Kyle Busch to drive them? He had an accident that will keep him out for a while. No sad tears here.

His brother Kurt has been embroiled in a he said/she said altercation with his former significant other. Lots of crazy allegations have been raised. The NASCAR brass had suspended the elder Busch indefinitely. After exhausting his appeals, the suspension remains in effect. He won't be racing for a while either. But Kurt has always had a "loose cannon" air about him in the past, both on and off the track. He can definitely pilot a race car, but one never knows what he might do next. At least he was driving a Chevy. Better than his brother.

As for Georges? Daddy Bush had his "1000 points of light". Nobody had any idea then, and to this day, what the hell he was talking about -- probably including himself.

W once famously stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and advertised "Mission accomplished". Twelve years later, war rages on and things have become far, far worse in the entire region.

The moral of the story?

Busch/ Bush -- what's the difference? These guys are ALL nuts.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Patrick Reed and the P-whip factor

Patrick Reed is a player on the PGA golf tour, and evidently a rising young star. Last year he joined some elite company in the world of golf by becoming only the fifth player to win 4 tournaments before reaching the age of 25. The others are quite familiar names. Woods, Mickelson, McIlroy and Garcia. Little more than a month ago he won his fifth tourney. Very impressive stuff on the links but there's another side to Reed that is, shall we say, somewhat dubious.

In a recent issue of Sports Illustrated, scribe Alan Shipnuck penned a lengthy article about Reed's life that was interesting, and certainly telling, on another level.

With apologies to Shipnuck and SI, here are a few factoids in no particular order that were mentioned.

Reed got married quite young (22) to his current wife Justine in December of 2012. In the earliest stages of his pro career, Justine was carrying his bag -- sometimes known as caddying.

But she quickly got knocked up -- sometimes known as becoming pregnant. Not so long after the "I dos" Patrick Reed was a daddy to a baby girl.

Of course being seriously preggers and toting around a heavy golf bag all day don't usually mix well together --  and then there was the new mom thing after the blessed event. In short, Justine bowed out, at least temporarily, from the caddying gig.

But never fear, that job went to her younger brother Kessler. In the meantime, Justine still plots hole-to-hole stragegy with her hubbie, and this is commendable for couples, especially when it comes to playing golf tournaments. Ahem.

To boot, dear Justine also "debriefs" Patrick on any errant shots he may have committed. Further, the Mrs. also is in constant contact with Reed's own swing coach. Basically, she watches her man's every move and critiques it. This -- from a nursing major that used to work in an ER. But she played a little golf in high school and college, so evidently that qualifies her as an expert to fine tune a PGA player's game. Oh my.

Rewinding the Patrick Reed bio tape proves even more telling, and not in a good way.

According to Shipnuck, Patrick Reed's own parents and younger sister Hannah weren't invited to his and Justine's wedding. They had expressed concerns that Patrick was a bit young to "tie the knot", so they got snubbed, likely at Justine's hand. Now c'mon, this wasn't exactly a bunch of moochers trying to ride the financial coattails of a professional athlete. It was his mom, dad, and little sis, for crying out loud. Since when doesn't the groom's family get invited to his wedding?? Worse yet, they have constantly reached out through emails and intermediaries hoping to re-establish contact with their son and brother, but to no avail. Guess who's likely behind that? Can you spell c-o-n-t-r-o-l?

It gets even more pitiful. Justine's sister is the nanny for the baby -- so much for the doting new mom thing -- and her mother travels with them on tour acting as "chief of staff". Reed rents a house for the brood to share and does most of the cooking. Forget his PGA credentials, this guy needs to go back to qualifying school for his Man Card. The poor devil has become hopelessly lost in the P-whipped world.

The absolute clincher? Through a friend, Reed's parents had scored tickets for the 2014 U.S. Open and followed their son throughout the second round. Justine was also in the gallery. So what happened? Walking up to the 18th hole, Reed's mother, father, and little sister were surrounded by cops, escorted off the grounds, and had their tournament badges confiscated by a USGA official. The official told Reed's own mother he was acting on orders from Justine. So since when does a wife in the gallery have the authority to kick the golfer's own family off the course when they have tickets to be there? It was wrong on the part of the USGA to accomodate her wishes and flat-out treacherous/shrewish of Justine to demand in the first place.

So let's see. Justine got knocked up and popped out a kid in short order. Since, she's got her brother, sister, and mother entwined in Patrick's day to day life, with him footing the bills and even cooking their meals. In the meantime, Reed's own family has been totally cut out of the picture.

It's not only wrong, it's outrageous. Patrick Reed may be a world class golfer, but the man hasn't a clue what kind of web has been spun around him by his "loving wife".

Remember Mike Tyson and his marriage to Robin Givens? She had her mom (Ruth Roper) along too as chief of staff. How did that work out? It cost Tyson countless millions to finally get away from them, and he was never the same afterwards. He wound up going to prison, his career went into the dumpster, and they walked happily ever after away with a serious boatload of his money. "Robin" and "Ruthless" seemed to be appropriate names.

Here's hoping Patrick Reed remains in his current P-whipped state of bliss for a lifetime. Because if he ever mans up and takes a good look around, he might just realize what a corner he's been painted into. If things don't work out between him and Justine in the future -- this boy will have a serious cha-ching problem trying to free himself from the cocoon he's already been wrapped up in. Good luck with that if it happens.

But ditching your own parents and little sister because that's what your wife and her clan want you to do?

That's just wrong. Shame on you Patrick Reed.