Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mayweather/McGregor prediction

Now that was about a dumb commercial. Some pharma company is advertising a new miracle drug that causes less major bleeding. Hey, I don't want ANY major bleeding. In fact, none at all would be preferable. Why would anybody in their right mind take these pills? And, oh yeah, if you experience nausea, diarrhea, a swollen tongue, dizziness, numbness, or even sudden death -- by all means stop taking them and call your doctor right away. Please.

On to the M and M boys.

It just so happens I have a friend, let's call him TT, that is a third degree (dan) black belt. Though he's learned the discipline of being peaceful (anything to avoid a confrontation), which is typical of someone at that martial arts level, there is no doubt whatsoever this is a man capable of hurting somebody, seriously and quickly, if given no way out.

We recently chatted regarding the upcoming Mayweather/McGregor bout. Here is his take:

Though many, including the odds-makers, view Floyd as the favorite, he disagrees.

On the plus side, he cedes Floyd is clearly the superior boxer. Also this fight will be held in his own back yard, Las Vegas. Further, he assumes the ring-side judges will be predisposed to favor Floyd if the bout goes the full 12 rounds and a decision has to be rendered. Basically, he sees no way Conor can win such a decision.

But on the minus side, he points out a few things.

First, Mayweather was/is asking for disaster when he agreed to fight with 8 oz. gloves. These much more resemble the fist pads in octagon fights than the puffy 16 oz. nerf gloves used in most high level boxing matches. Advantage definitely McGregor.

TT considers Mayweather to be a "paper" champion. True, he was/is undefeated and has boxed against many good opponents, but his style has always been that of pitty-pat and run, rather than actually fight. TT doesn't think Floyd can seriously hurt Conor with such tactics, but conversely says if Conor ever connects with a solid shot, Mayweather's in deep trouble. This dude CAN hit, HARD. Plus he's lightning fast and will find a way to cut off the ring to "engage" here and there. Major disadvantage Mayweather.

Third are the age and conditioning factors. Though he's typically in great shape, Mayweather is also 40 years old.

Conversely, McGregor is a training machine, fanatical. And only 29, at the peak of his strength/endurance ratio. He would have no problem whatsoever with getting "gassed" during the fight.

Huge disadvantage Mayweather.

His prediction?

He sees McGregor ending the fight early via knockout, likely in the first 3-4 rounds. He'll be all over Mayweather from the opening bell, and Floyd will only be able to pitty-pat, escape and run so many times before he gets caught.

Yet yours truly has pondered one question, which hasn't been addressed, since this "fight" was agreed to. Why, pray tell, would Mayweather want to do it?

Most peg his net worth at somewhere around 400-500 million, so he obviously doesn't need the money. Plus he "retired" 49-0, undefeated, the same record as heavyweight champ Rocky Marciano over a half century ago.

And doesn't it follow that if he were to lose this bout, his entire legacy would take a serious hit? He got in the ring under conditions entirely dictated by his own camp with a guy that has never professionally boxed before, fighting with less than half his potential skills-- and lost -- maybe even got knocked out? Oh my, how his name and rep would take a beating.

On the other hand, McGregor has already been defeated three times in his own world of fighting. If he loses this, other than bragging rights, no serious harm done, plus he'll get a boatload of money himself for his trouble. He can easily slide back into the mixed martial arts world and likely continue to fight for quite some time.

But TT had an answer for that. People like Mayweather never know when to say quit. It has been the downfall of other champions, notably Mohammed Ali. They keep coming back, long after their prime, and eventually get their brains beat out by younger, stronger, faster, hungrier fighters. Humiliated in the sport they were once so great at.

He sees the very same happening to Mayweather when he gets in the ring with McGregor, whom he calls an "animal" not to be trifled with.

According to TT, Mayweather is a man clearly past his prime, was an arrogant fool to accept this fight with a younger, much more physical superior opponent, and he's going to pay for it.


Far be it from me to disagree with a third degree black belt who's been doing this stuff his whole life. On the way up the ladder, he no doubt kicked a lot of butt, but also got trashed himself along the way. Goes with the territory. In other words, TT's been there, done that, and it's a pretty safe bet the man knows what he's talking about.

Yet we shall see.....

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Know what I hate?

First and foremost -- liver. I don't care how you fix it, it's still nasty, vile stuff. And who wants to eat what's basically the oil filter of an animal?

Other than that, I can't really say I truly hate anything or anybody -- just have preferences -- sometimes strong ones.

I don't hate my ex, even though it was she that cheated, not me, then proceeded to try and rob me blind in divorce court. Can't say I like her much any more though.

Nor do I hate various factions spewing their own hate. Left/right, lib/con, Dem/Rep, protesters/counter protesters, etc., etc. They are entitled to their opinions -- both ways. It is when one tries to impose their will and beliefs on the other that problems happen.

Which brings me to sports.

Sure, I root for some teams, but I don't hate their opponents. What's the point in that? The other guys/gals are just trying to do their jobs for somebody else.

Though I've been accused of it in the past, I never hated Tiger Woods. It's just that, even during his hey-day, I smelled something fishy about this guy, which would later be borne out. So no, I never cared for him much but, like any golf fan, yours truly was certainly entitled to root for or against him. I chose against.

In the NFL, I always thought Peyton Manning was over-rated, but I didn't hate him. I've long respected Tom Brady, didn't much care for Michael Vick, am fond of the Packers -- but not the Cowboys, loved the Raider Nation attitude and characters, and pretty much frowned on all things New York. Gimme John Elway any day. Keep Dan Marino. Gimme Barry Sanders over Emmett Smith. I wish thoughtful, objective people like your typical offensive lineman would speak up more, while loud mouth rabble rousers like your typical defensive back would put a sock in it.

Always liked the Celtics. Never cared for the Lakers. I'll always think more of Bird than Magic.

Back in the NASCAR day, I rooted for Awesome Bill Elliott and then Jeff Gordon. Thought Dale Earnhart Sr. was little more than a bully on the track. On that note, the very wreck that killed him at Daytona, ostensibly caused by Sterling Marlin, was a move Dale himself had pulled on countless others over the years, sending them into the wall. What's good for the goose --- but this one ended tragically.

Currently, I admire the class and success of Jimmy Johnson, a Chevy driver. Yet turn up my nose at Kyle Busch, who seems to think he owns the track and everybody should get out of his way.

While on that note, what gives with KB running "junior" league races all the time? Wouldn't that be a bit like a Major League slugger playing in a minor league game on a day off to belt out a few home runs against inferior pitching? You don't see the likes of Jimmy Johnson doing that. Busch league stuff indeed.

And BTW, dear Kyle and his fellow stable of Toyota drivers should be an affront to American race fans. Hey, the "N" in NASCAR stands for "National", as in American. If they want to run Japanese cars and motors, let them go to the land of the rising sun and create their own racing league. Good riddance.

Still can't figure out how Roger Penske, a Chevy man for decades, flip-flopped into running Ford gear in NASCAR. What's up with that? Loved ya, Rog, but boo/hiss on that move. You forgot where you came from.

Always been a fan of the Maple Leafs, but rooted against the Canadiens.

Think the NFL is tough? Australian rules football is for REAL men.

Now that the above-mentioned Eldrick Tont Woods appears to be finally kaput, I love the competition among so many outstanding golfers on the tour these days. Dustin, Jordan, Rory, Jason, Bubba, and that bunch.

Still root for the oldsters like Phil and Davis III on the rare occasions they get into contention in any given tournament.

Idle thought: The PGA has a senior circuit, called the "champions". Good for them. Those guys can probably still beat anybody on your block. But I'm pretty sure we don't want to see the same sort of 50 and over thing when it comes to mixed martial artists in the octagon or, heaven forbid, a Major League Baseball geezer league. That probably wouldn't play so well, and neither would the participants. Only in golf can they get away with this.

Well OK, there might be one other thing I hate. Long an Indy 500 fan/groupie for decades, having gone to several races in the past, I'm appalled that those very same nice people from Japan, who have flooded the American market with their various automobiles and decimated the electronics industry, have now invaded my beloved Indy with Honda motors in so many cars.

But other than that, I can fairly state that hate has nothing to do with it.

Just a matter of preferences and opinions.

So go do what ya gotta do and hate away at this or that if you must, from politics to exes, to everything in sports. This is your right.

Just don't try and feed me liver.

That will cause a problem....

Huh, come to think of it, I don't hate all things Notre Dame either, but it's getting close.

Good grief, the real Notre Dame is a cathedral in Paris and they call themselves the Fighting Irish in South Bend, Indiana? Really? Then again, the Fighting French wouldn't exactly have the same ring to it.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The sorry state of the Detroit Tigers

As they've always said, before every baseball season starts, hope springs eternal. All major league teams and their fans/local media can hardly wait for the action to begin.

One hundred and sixty two games is a lot, and a whole bunch of things can happen over that time, and usually do.

Young upstarts come along getting hot. Veteran players with high expectations fail to live up to them. Injuries definitely occur. Last year's contenders can quickly become this year's bums -- and vice versa. And on any given day, or night, the last place team can beat the first place team. It happens all the time. A very strange game, major league baseball.

Which brings me to the Detroit Tigers. Their expectations were generally modest going into this season. No one seriously thought they were as good as their division rival Cleveland Indians but maybe, just maybe they could grab a wild-card spot into the post season if things fell right.

To be honest, yours truly thought they would be about a .500 team, maybe a few games over. Wild-card? Possible, but not probable. Too many other projected better teams in the American League. But who knew?

Indeed, the Tigers got off to a pretty good start. Way back on April 12 they sported a 6-2 record.

Sadly to say, it would be their high water mark of the entire season.

They gradually went into a funk, falling many games under .500.

But wait, then came reason for hope. By June 4, they had clawed their way back to .500 at 28-28.

Fast forward to the present and the Tigers appear to be in free fall. They've lost eleven out of their last thirteen, have fallen fourteen games behind the Indians, and are a whopping 15 games under .500. Hopelessly out of any play-off possibilities. Only the woeful Chicago White Sox are worse in the entire American League.

If there was any doubt before, manager Brad Ausmus is definitely a goner after this season. His contract will be up, and though he's highly respected by his players and most others around Detroit, there's no way he gets re-upped.

Thing is, it's not his fault the Tigers have become pitiful. Ausmus can only play the cards (players) he's dealt by the front office (GM), and they've been running mighty cold lately. And the team is in such disarray it likely doesn't matter who the Tigers bring in next to make out the line-up cards and keep changing pitchers. But somebody has to be the fall guy, and that will surely be Ausmus.

You know it's a bad sign when your team's two "best" pitchers, old pro Justin Verlander, and Rookie of the Year in 2016 Michael Fulmer only have .500 records themselves. JV was a few games under, but made it back to 8-8. Now in his mid 30s and clearly on the back side of his bell curve, does this sound like a guy a team should be committed to paying a ridiculous $28,000,000 a year for the next few?

Fulmer hasn't won a game in over 2 months.

And this is the best of the bunch?

Elsewhere, they've got other aging veterans that are locked into long-term mega-buck deals, and their production has been quickly slip-sliding away as well.

No other team is going to touch these guys. The Tigers are stuck with them.

True, they have a promising young player here and there, like Mikie Mahtouk. But for every one of those they have duds elsewhere. This guy is an injury waiting to happen. That guy has Roberto Duran-ish "hands of stone" defensively. A designated hitter pushing forty that runs with the speed of molasses in the Yukon, and is only hitting .240? Who else in the league could he possibly play for?

The Tigers went for the gusto a few years back, looting their farm system for mercenaries that might bring them a championship. And they got close, but never quite over the hump.

Now those hot-shot free agents have gone elsewhere, and the Tigers' brass finally decided it might be a good idea to try and restock their minor league system with a few prospects. That may work out someday, but likely not any year soon.

This team is bad and will get worse, probably much worse, before they get better. Every single facet of their being points in that direction. Let's not forget that currently the Tigers have one of the highest player payrolls in the entire Major Leagues, but also one of the worst records. That does not equate to success, or even being semi-sensible about such things. How could they possibly have gotten themselves into such a colossal mess on so many fronts?

But it is what it is, and all the spin in the world ain't gonna make it pretty.

Here's wishing them well and god bless.

But methinks they're in for some mighty rough times in the next few years.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The national anthem sit-down war

Pretty much all football fans are aware of the argument that continues to rage over whether players are right or wrong if they choose to not stand during the playing of the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick, formerly of the San Fran 49ers, and currently unemployed at last look, was the first. Others have since joined in.

Because there's no law against it, refusing to honor the anthem is a matter of choice. Sort of. But there's a way of looking at this that hasn't yet been mentioned.

If I'm the head coach of an NFL team -- or college for that matter -- I gather my players in the locker room and tell them the following......

Alright guys, listen up. I understand we live in America and the Constitution gives us many rights. We are much more fortunate in that respect than many other countries around the world.

I also understand our society is far from perfect. A lot of people, probably several in this room, have beefs about one thing or another. I'm not here to take sides on that because I don't live in your skin.

I am here to bring this team together to be the best it can be. Though a lot of you make more money than I do, I'm still your boss. A wacky system, I know, but you guys report to me -- not the other way around.

For the purposes of this argument, let's consider this football team a company, like so many others in this country. They come in all different shapes and sizes and peddle various wares, but their main goal is to be successful.

Personally, I couldn't care less what you do before or after work. That's your time and none of my business. Unless you run afoul of the law, or do something deemed unethical under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, you can have at whatever floats your boat. Not a problem.

However, besides the law, many companies have their own in-house "shop rules". Whether it's a factory, department store, fast food joint, construction outfit -- you name it -- when you hire in you agree to abide by those shop rules while on the job. Break one of those and chances are you'll be disciplined in one way or another. Maybe a pay cut, demotion, time off, or even fired.

Most, but not all, of those companies don't try to pry into your personal lives either, or tell you what you can and cannot believe in. They could run into big legal trouble by doing so.

So here's the deal. What you do during the off-season, or even during the season when you're not at one team function or another is, again, none of my business.

However, as you know, the national anthem is typically only played before games we participate in. Not at practice, film study, in the weight room, etc., etc.

And it doesn't get more ON THE JOB for you guys than being in a stadium full of fans, at home or on the road, just before the most important thing we do happens -- playing a game. All our livelihoods depend on succeeding more than failing.

So consider this a shop rule. You're going to put your personal gripes aside for a couple minutes and stand for the anthem.

When the game is over go out there and protest all you want. But not AT the game/on the job. Most other companies would not tolerate this of their employees while they're on the clock, and neither will I.

What I personally believe in is irrelevant. But I do know we all work under the umbrella of the NFL or NCAA, and those parent companies are patriotic in a large way.

That's why you see those giant flags on the field, color guards, and the fly-overs by fighter jets all the time.

Whether it's right or wrong to do such things at athletic events is not my call to make. I just work here, like you guys.

But I won't tolerate anything that distracts from team unity or causes a media circus, which sitting out the anthem clearly brings about.

Again, this is America, and you're free to do a whole lot of stuff. Including chumping the anthem.

But as the head coach, I'm also free to cut you. Which I will do immediately if you do that.

You would then be free to seek employment with all the others teams in the league.

Maybe somebody would pick you up, and I'd wish you well in all your future endeavors.

But it ain't happening HERE.

And last time I looked, that hasn't worked out so well for Colin Kaepernick either.

Any questions?

Monday, August 14, 2017

The incredible Detroit Lions Kool-aid factor

You'd think they'd learn eventually. I mean, how many times do you have to be ripped off and slapped around before you stop doing whatever it is that keeps resulting in such punishment?

But no. Detroit Lions' fans, and their homer media, bless their collective pollyannish, if horribly misguided (dare I say "please shaft me again") hearts, appear to be back for another round of abuse at the hands of their beloved puddy-tats.

Since Super Bowls began, over 50 years ago, the Lions remain one of only four teams to have never even MADE it there -- let alone win it. The other three are all "expansion" teams. To wit, the "new" Cleveland Browns, the Houston Texans, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

And they haven't won a single playoff game in over a quarter century. In fact, they've only won ONE in the Super Bowl era -- PERIOD.

It is a shameful record of failure indeed.

But never fear, as Lions' fans typically go, with their ever-gullible media force-feeding them massive doses of the Honolulu blue and silver Kool-aid, by thunder, this just might be the year.

How do they know that? Because the Lions defeated the Indianapolis Colts in the first preseason game this year.

Never mind that the Colts are riddled with injuries, including on both offensive and defensive lines, had many starters out for various reasons -- including QB Andrew Luck -- and are just trying to get healthy enough to start the regular season. Also never mind the Colts aren't projected be a very good team anyway.

Nevertheless, the bandwagon has started again in Motown -- or is that Notown? --  Blowtown? -- when it comes to pro sports. All the rest of their teams appear to be bottom feeders as well. But that's a story for another day.

Let's face it. During all the years William Clay Ford owned the team (and he closed the original deal on the very same day JFK got shot in Dallas way back in 1963 -- not a good sign), they were never more than mediocre in their best years. A good player here and there -- see Billy Sims, Barry Sanders, and Calvin Johnson -- but also a parade of clown head coaches and a hopelessly incompetent front office.

Now that not-so-slick Willy has passed on, the team is owned by his 90 year old widow Martha and their kids. Mustang Billy remains busy trying to keep the Ford Motor company afloat, so he's pretty much a non-factor. That leaves the ivory tower "girls". Does anybody think for one second these silver-spooners know the difference between a draw play and a Broadway play? Good luck with that.

Adding to the stupidity was dear Martha bringing on one Rod Wood, an estate manager, (what's a few more wasted millions?) who by his own admission knew nothing about pro football, to be president of the team.

But Lion fans have taken great heart that Bob Quinn, formerly of the New England Patriots, has been hired as general manager. His task is to oversee the draft and negotiate contracts. Basically, he's in charge of what players get signed for a chance to make the team.

Could he indeed be the "miracle worker" the Lion faithful have waited so long for?

Maybe. But he was only a scout for the Patriots. The Detroit media made a huge deal out of the fact that Quinn was "allowed" in the "draft room" for the Patriots. Well gee, give that man a gold star for evidently being able to keep his mouth shut (see no leaks to the press) when the important decisions were being made by his superiors in Foxborough.

Only the Lions would elevate such a person to the level of general manager. But Quinn would have been a fool not to jump at the opportunity.

After all, he got a long term contract (so did Matt Millen not that long ago -- and how did that turn out?), worth millions upon more millions of guaranteed Ford dollars. No matter what happens, he's financially set for life.

The bottom line is thus:

Though the Kool-aid addicts are once again shooting up in Detroit, over one meaningless pre-season win, this team isn't going anywhere this year. The still have WAY too many holes and liabilities compared to their precious few assets.

And let's not forget that these same Lions' fans, and the same media, were trumpeting them to the heavens when they went 4-0 during the 2008 pre-season. They would go on to post an 0-16 regular season, the worst in league history.

Yep, that was the year, like all the others over the decades, until the wheels completely fell off.

BTW, wasn't Ford the car company that brought consumers those laugh a minute exploding Bridgestone exploding tires a while back? And the Pinto that would sometimes erupt into a flaming inferno when struck from the rear?  Let's not forget the classic Edsel, from back in the 50s. How did that work out? Strangely enough (or maybe not), it debuted at just about the last time the Lions were half-way decent and Willie Clay was beginning to show an interest in investing in them.

Hey, the Lions have exploded here and there over the years, and certainly gone up in flames.

The above-mentioned Barry Sanders left millions on the table -- even huger bucks back in the 90s -- when he walked away from the team, because he knew they had no chance, ZERO, of being Super Bowl contenders any year soon. He was right. Had he stuck around, he likely would have put the all-time NFL rushing record so far out of sight, it would never be approached again. But he got out with enough money, his body intact, and most importantly, his sanity.

The same could be said for Calvin Johnson, the best receiver the Lions ever had. He wearied of their incompetent ways as well and took a hike with likely several more outstanding years in front of him rather than continue to get his brain and body beat up -- and for what? This clown organization?

Matthew Stafford, the Lions version of the Georgia Peach, is WAY over-hyped in Motown. Sure he throws for a lot of yards. That's because the Lions have never had a running game, so he HAS to throw a lot.

But while the Kool-aiders think Stafford is some kind of elite quarterback, most objective football people rank him somewhere in the middle of the NFL pack of starting QBs.

If he's got any brains, he'll play out the last year (this one) of his contract and hit the free agent market. True, there are many teams he couldn't start for. But there are also those contenders that would pay him big bucks to come, and maybe be the difference of getting them over the top.

Either way, he'll be financially set for life, if he isn't already. So why stay in the dregs of Detroit, which is pretty much an armpit big city anyway? Stafford has NO chance of winning a Super Bowl there.

Yep, the Kool-aiders are back out again in force, but they're as dumb and gullible as they've always been.

Get real. The Lions project to be an "average" team this year. Somewhere between 9-7 and 7-9. Maybe, just maybe, if everything goes right, they make it into a wild-card playoff game. Only to be blasted like they have every other year they've made the playoffs, which aren't many over the decades.

Besides the bumbling Fords, the inheritance guy Wood, and the probably not-so-mighty and vastly  overrated Quinn, as long as they stick with clueless Caldwell as head coach, they have sealed their fate.

And it will be the same as it always been.

But hey, like Phineas Taylor (PT) Barnum once famously said -- there's a sucker born every minute.

In the magical kingdom of the Detroit Lions, it's gone on for generations.

Keep zapping the sappies in their wallets and hearts....

If they're not smart enough to eventually wise up, then who's fault is that indeed?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

What I want to hear just ONCE from a pro golfer

Call me Jason. Or Jordan. Or Dustin, Ricky, Bubba, Rory, or any other name you want. I'm a pro golfer out on the PGA tour.

But unlike all the other guys, I'm not consumed by the desire to win majors. Tiger was obviously the worst, He was obsessed by it. For that matter, even winning lesser tournaments doesn't particularly concern me.

Sure, I give it my best when I play in one, and would love to win it. But if I don't, something else takes a much higher priority.

Making the cut.

It's not cheap doing what I do. Flying all over the country (and sometimes abroad) to various tournaments (while paying for my caddy too) comes with a cha-ching. So do motel rooms or rental houses for a week. And we have to eat. Sponsors are a god-send, but not everybody has them. To those without, we have to cough up dough for golf clothes, shoes, thousands of balls, gloves, and all the rest. It can get expensive.

Everybody seems to be caught up in the hype of statistics, wins, particularly majors, and the ever-fanatical press keeps feeding the flames of the gullible masses.

Hey, I get it. Though Jack was the best, and Eldrick had his decade of dominance, I don't kid myself that I'll ever approach that level.

And you know what? That's fine. We can't all be superstars.

I'm just out here trying to make a living and I'm very cool with knocking down a few million a year while playing golf on some of the finest courses in the world. The food and accommodations at such places are absolutely fabulous.

And c'mon, it surely beats supersizing people at a drive-through window somewhere or being a prison guard, much less an inmate.

Life is good, and my caddy is pretty happy too. Every time I make a cut and get a check, he gets his cut and check as well. I'm pretty sure he'd rather be doing this than his old job of carrying bags for old rich people that can't break 100 at their local ritzy country clubs.

So let the media rant and rave about titles all they want. And let the golf fans continue to eat it up. Further, I wish the best for my compatriots out here on tour that are also obsessed with winning, winning, WINNING, dammit, and their legacies eventually.

I couldn't care less. So I feel no pressure standing over a 3 foot putt that might get me a win. If it goes in -- great.

But if it doesn't, that's OK too. Second place at any tour event comes with a pretty hefty paycheck, as in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And who cares about trophies? I had a bunch of those from when I used to play little league baseball as a kid, and a few when I was a halfway decent bowler as a teenager. I'm not even sure where they are any more. Maybe my mom threw them out or sold them in a garage sale for a couple bucks. No big deal. The same will be true of any hardware I might win as a professional golfer someday.

Such things come and go and nobody else cares, so why should I?

This whole mania about winning is vastly overrated, and for those that I suspect have some sort of inferiority complex, thereby making them feel like they always have to prove the elusive "something".

Personally, I'm comfortable with myself. I'm a nice guy, have a wife and a couple kids which I love more than anything, and just so happen to be a pretty decent golfer or else I wouldn't have qualified to be out on the PGA tour.

Sure, wins would be great, but if I can make more cuts than I miss, or even rack up a handful of top-10 finishes in any given year -- everything is just peachy, especially when it comes to the financial thing. I'm happy, my wife is happy, my caddy's happy, and the kids are well taken care of.

No worries.

So what's the problem?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The (wink, wink) Tiger Woods affair

Everything about this developing story seems to be horribly wrong.

We know that dear Eldrick was found asleep and subsequently incoherent in his vehicle a few months ago. It was damaged, had two flat tires, but glory be, nobody seems to know, or wants to, how that could have come about.

Well OK, he had no alcohol in his system. But by his own admission was maxed out on pain killers and anti-depressants. In other words, a menace on the highway. Driving under the influence. Big time.

As the story goes, only a not guilty plea can be entered without the defendant, Tiger, being present in the court room. So said his attorney to the judge.

But wait a second. In the same paragraph, the prosecutor said Tiger had already agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charge of reckless driving. So which is it?

At that, presto, Tiger went off into rehab somewhere. Again. No doubt, this was another celebrity justice condition of his plea. Go into a country club facility, behave yourself for a month or two, and everything will be just fine.

Worse, he'll only be fined a couple hundred bucks, chump change, be on joke probation for a short time, and have his "record" completely cleared if he can act like an upright citizen for a few months.

This is wrong, though the prosecutor, as if she's fooling anybody, stated that Woods isn't being treated any different than a common citizen would be.

Hogwash. The average John or Jane Doe, under the exact same conditions, would not, repeat NOT be afforded the same VIP treatment Eldrick is about to receive. Even if a first time offender, their record would be forever and the system would come down a lot harder on them.

A few hours of community service? That's a joke as well. Tiger can probably spend them giving bimbos putting lessons at one of Trump's fancy golf resorts. Anybody else would likely have to pick up trash on the side of interstates somewhere. Or mow lawns at churches. Can you picture Eldrick pushing a mower around? Not me. Ain't gonna happen.

And there's the thing. The penalty should be commensurate with the financial status of the perpetrator.

Sure, a couple hundred dollar fine would hurt your average minimum wage earner, or someone unemployed trying to barely scrape by.

But it's a joke to a guy worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Want to get his attention? Hit the almost billionaire with a $100,000,000 fine, make him "drop" every other day or so like anybody else would have to, and no, his record NEVER goes away. Good enough for the common man/woman -- good enough for Eldrick.

Anybody that thinks the double standard doesn't still exist in a large way -- is crazy. A rich person committing the exact same crime as a poor person might get sent off to a Club Fed somewhere. You know, tennis courts, pools, saunas, hot tubs, masseuses, gourmet food, and definitely no bars.

The poor guy will get thrown in a slammer. Brutal guards, a community shower every three days or so, good luck with that, and trying to merely survive among the animals that would just as soon stab or rape him as an every day occurrence. This, while having to eat food most dogs would turn their noses up at, and bars everywhere.

Would I wish harm to come to poor Eldrick? Of course not. He made a mistake and should pay for it.

Yet the punishment should not only fit the crime, but also be tailored to the ability to pay.

 I mean, c'mon. If the Prez, a multi-billionaire, is eventually found guilty of colluding with the Russians to fix the election last fall, do you really think fining him a few hundred bucks, clearing his record if he miraculously behaves himself for a few months, and doesn't otherwise wreak havoc during any probationary period would get his attention?