Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mystery subject

They come and they go. That applies to politicians, movie and TV stars, recording artists, athletes, and pretty much you name it. With few exceptions, even the best enjoy a few years of fame and then they fade away to be replaced by someone else. I suppose if your station in life was being a giant redwood tree, you'd enjoy a few more centuries of people gawking at you in amazement, like a couple guys named Philbin and Shatner, but eventually your time will come as well. At that, you would still serve a useful purpose. After all, I never heard of people building decks or fences out of ancient talk show hosts, and a decades old ham doesn't sound too appetizing.

Know where I'm going with this yet? Me neither. I have no idea. The end.

On second thought, I better come up with something, or I might hear about it from one of those nefarious "k" guys I mentioned last time. Working..... OK. Got it.

While a whole lot of trees will get wasted in newsprint, and umpteen inane terabytes of dissection, analysis, and predictions will be espoused by countless talking heads, in the end, as in the beginning, they come and they go, only to be replaced by others, and life goes on.

Therefore, I can sum up my whole opinion of Jim Tressel and whatever else is going on at Ohio State University in one word.



  1. You got that right. Lets pray. There's a third K in the mix. Mine.

  2. Another K lurking about? Forget prayer. I'm going to DefCon 1. JL