Sunday, November 2, 2014

Texas and Michigan. What's happening

The state of Texas sure had a lot of stuff going on earlier today. The Dallas Cowboys hosted the Arizona Cardinals, the Houston Texans welcomed the Philadelphia Eagles, and just down the road from Big D, a NASCAR race was going on.

Alas, the Cowboys were thumped by the Cardinals. After starting out the season a sterling 6-1, Da Boys have lost the last two at home to go 6-3, and things don't look exactly rosy in the future. Starting QB Tony Romo is out again with another back problem, and they play 5 of their next 7 on the road.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, Arizona stands at 7-1, with a whopping three game lead in the NFC West. Head coach Bruce Ariens and company have got it rolling. Could the Cardinals be the first team ever to play in a Super Bowl in their home stadium next February? Maybe.

Alas #2, the Houston Texans were throttled by the Philly Eagles.

Alas #3, in the NASCAR "chase" race, instead of a good ole boy, that tenderfoot Californy boy Jimmie Johnson took the checkered flag.

So maybe it wasn't such a great day in Texas, after all. But at least the Lone Star bunch had things happening on their home turf.

In Michigan, on the other hand, today was a good day to rake leaves, because NOTHING was going on in big time sports.

After playing in jolly old England last Sunday, the Detroit Lions had a bye week. No Honolulu Blue and Silver crazies packing the local pubs.

Mercifully, the Detroit Pistons had a day off. They've played 3 games, lost them all, and pretty much remain a train wreck in the NBA. It's going to be another long year at the Palace in Auburn Hills. The only races that will happen in Michigan for the next few months is Pistons' fans racing for the exits in the fourth quarter when their team is getting blown out again.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Red Wings seem to be holding their own in the NHL, but they'd shuffled off to Buffalo for a game that started at 5 PM -- right smack dab in the middle of the Denver Broncos/New England Patriots game that was on national TV. In the Detroit area, the Wings/Sabres game was only available on an obscure cable channel. Gee, I wonder who won the TV ratings battle for that time slot?

And no word yet out of the Detroit Tigers' camp as to how the "brass" is going handle the free agent dilemma they find themselves in with a few of their own star players after getting swept out the playoffs in the first round last month. Too many guys will want max money, and there's not enough dough to satisfy them all. It's not easy being the Tigers' GM these days.

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