Monday, February 1, 2016

A laughable follow-up

In a recent issue of a sports magazine, the author briefly profiled who he thought were media personalities (see talking heads) that are likely to reach even greater heights of gab-fame in the near future.

Curiously, the author only initialed his work. R.D., to be exact. Could it have been Robert DeNiro or Richard Dreyfuss jumping into the sports fray with a guest article? Nobody knows for sure, except maybe the editor of the publication and the author him/herself. Ex-Chicago Bear Richard Dent? Maybe. Rodney Dangerfield? Unlikely. He's gone on to the heaven of no respect.

Nonetheless, a paragraph was devoted to one Cari Champion. If one Googles CC, they will see she was born in 1975. But on the same page, her age is listed as being 35. This is some very strange math, but I suppose it's a woman thing. After all, my own mother still claimed to be 39 when I was 42.

But RD said the good Ms. Champion had finally broken free, ala Andy Dufresne of the Shawshank Redemption. CC had shed the shackles of the "unctuous, soul-sucking" moderator of ESPN's First Take.

Granted, listening to the likes of Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless droning on with their usual pompous drivel show after show might be enough to turn the Pope into a suicide bomber, but RD asserts Cari will find her Zihuatanejo paradise much like Andy did after so many years of wrongful suffering. She has been given a regular gig as an "anchor" on the 4-letter network. We'll see how that turns out.

What was truly laughable was RD's very next paragraph. Devoted to the above-mentioned Skip Bayless, it was noted the very same "unctuous" show continues to enjoy terrific ratings and Skippie could very well use that as leverage if he jumps to a different network when his contract is up in a few months.

In that respect, RD came across as a chucklehead, or perhaps a future in politics awaits him. First the show is oily and soul-sucking, but in the very next sentence he gives it kudos for drawing so many viewers and could serve as a launching pad for it's moderator and commentators to move on to greater things? Like a typical politico, the scribe is trying to play it both ways. Add a little here, take away a little there, try to please everybody, and in the end what do you have? An article that amounted to nothing.

Even Rodney had more self-respect than that.....

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