Friday, February 12, 2016

The NBA All Star farce

The only good thing about this year's All Star festivities and game is that it will be over soon. It turned into a popularity contest/clown show many years ago. Consider ---

The "Rising Stars" game. This pits young USA players against those from other parts of the world. Hey, who cares? This is supposed to be about the best of the best, not who might be in a few years. About two minutes of watching that action is enough to cause a viewer's colon to go into spasms and trigger the gag reflex. Put another way, it's time to make a mad dash to the porcelain receptacle.

True, it is good that the NBA opened up to foreign players. Some of them have turned out to be spectacular over the years. And like one the greatest minds of our time once solemnly proclaimed -- "more and more of our imports are coming from foreign countries".  George W. Bush. Old Dubya was known to turn quite the phrases back in his day. Who can forget some other classics -- like -- "Families are where our nation finds hope -- where wings take dream".
"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere".
"I am the master of low expectations".
"They want the government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program".
"Wow. Brazil is big".
And of course the immortal, "The best way to relieve families from time to time is to let them keep some of their own money".

This man was obviously a GENIUS, but back to the All Star goings-on.

The 3-point shooting contest is palatable because it features -- well -- shooters. Dammit W, get out of my head.

The slam dunk competition has long been over hyped. Given a running head start, most every player in the NBA can dunk. Jamming a basketball through the rim is akin to a pro golfer ramming home a 6-inch putt, or a major league slugger bombing batting practice pitches into the bleachers. Gullible fans can ooh and ahh, but there's nothing special about it. Sure, hoopsters have come up with variations like behind the back, through the legs, over the shoulder and off the backboard -- even a Superman cape once -- but in the end it's still just a dunk.

What is truly astounding is how one Kobe Bean Bryant led the Western Conference All-Star voting. This guy hasn't been any good for several years. In terms of production, Bryant isn't even in the Top 30, maybe 40-50 players in the West. Yeah, I get it. KBB is on his "farewell tour" and this is a show of appreciation for what he has accomplished over the years. But it's misguided. The All-Star game is supposed to feature the best players in the East facing off against the best in the West. Kobe Bean is nowhere close to qualifying on his merits this year. In fact, he's pretty well stunk it up while milking the Lakers out of another $24 million. Look at it another way. Would any other team touch such a ludicrous contract and life-long ball hog player way past his prime? I think not. But he gets the most votes? Preposterous.

Then again, "One has a stronger hand when there's more people playing your same cards".

Quick quiz. Was that the All-Star voters kow-towing to Kobe Bean one last time -- or more W words of wisdom from the past?

One finally, mercifully had to go away. In a perfect world there would have been term limits on the other as well.......

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