Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amazing stuff

Evidently, after a ball game, some fan had a seizure. Tim Tebow to the rescue. He laid hands on the stricken, said a prayer and, presto, said fan was cured. That's pretty amazing stuff. If TT could learn how to hit a curve ball, he'd REALLY be on to something. Ahem.

Say what you will, but Greg Hardy is an amazing individual. Not just anybody can become an All-Pro after being drafted in the sixth round (175th overall). The dude was a regular terror on the football field.

Alas, he had a dark side. Not just anybody runs around strangling their girlfriend either. Or is chronically late, a locker room cancer, and gets busted for cocaine possession. Yeah, I know. Details, details, but perhaps they should be considered in the whole scheme of things.

Now that he has put himself into the twilight zone of the NFL, as in radioactive, no team will touch him, the good Mr. Hardy has decided to become a mixed martial arts fighter.

To which yours truly says -- good luck with that, pal. Though he's big (6-5, 280) and definitely ripped, he'd be climbing into the cage with guys that have spent their entire lives training for such combat. And unlike opposing quarterbacks, said guys hit back. Hard. Also no pads or helmets. MMA is most definitely the real deal.

One never knows how Hardy might fare in such an adventure, but methinks he'll get a whole new perspective on life the first time he gets kicked in the head. Or, fittingly enough -- choked out. When he's lying face up, or down, wondering what just happened, if he's still even conscious, perhaps it will dawn on him another career move is in order. Guys can get hurt in the octagon -- seriously. Especially novices with an attitude like Hardy. We shall see.

Wow. After trailing 5-2 in the ninth inning, the Cubbies roared back to knock off and eliminate the SF Giants 6-5?  Amazing stuff. Wait a second. Aren't the Giants supposed to win the World Series in even-numbered years? Something is wrong with this picture.

What could the honchos at ESPN have been thinking when they hired Danny Kanell as a talking head? Sure, the guy he replaced, one Scott Van Pelt (AKA Peanuthead), could be a little uppity at times. But can there possibly be a more smug, self-righteous, holier than thou, I'm the smartest guy in the universe person out there than DK? If so, yours truly doesn't want to meet him/her, or listen to them on radio and/or TV either. Him and co-host Ryen Russillo make quite the pair. People actually tune in to this stuff every day?


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