Friday, October 28, 2016

World Series bytes

Gee, that wasn't so hard. Before Game 3 of the WS, some white (not that it matters) guy walked out to sing the national anthem. He had a wonderful voice. With his hands clasped behind his back, he proceeded to belt out The Star Spangled Banner.

Every note just perfect. No missed or bumbled words. No gyrations. No "statement" shirt. None of that take a knee stuff or other such nonsense. And he sung it just as Francis Scott Key originally wrote it while not jazzing it up to show off his vocal talent.

Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? Sometimes keeping it simple is just better.

The announcers from hell are still at it with their insane stats. It's like they can't shut up for more than 3 milliseconds and let the game carry itself.

No, they have to inform us that the current batter is only the third guy since Mickey Mantle's rookie year that popped out to shortstop with 2 out in the bottom of the fourth inning of a WS game, runners at second and third, and who also has a cockapoo named Mutz back home in Peoria.

Where do they get this stuff? What kind of super-geek nerds are looking it up for them? And does anybody really care? These people should be rounded up and collectively euthanized for the good of mankind. Or at least have to spend an hour on The View. Horrors!!

If they want to give us some off the wall stat, how about the player that was the first guy to backstroke over Niagara Falls, while eating a whopper, juggling six scorpions and having sexual relations with a Kardashian at the same time?

Now THAT would be noteworthy. Hear hear.

The home plate umpire was interesting. At first, he was calling pitches that were at least a couple inches off the plate and barely above the ankles strikes. They weren't even close. Then there goes one right down the middle of the plate at waist level for the other team -- and it's a ball? Say what? Who was this clown?

Turned out it was one John Hirschbeck. He's from Connecticut and has umpired in both the American and National Leagues, so it's hard to see where favoritism might play a role.

But wait a second. Hirschbeck? Isn't he the same guy that supposedly called Roberto Alomar a foul name and got spit in his face in return back in the day? The same hothead that has had a habit of escalating what should be a minor player/official disagreement into full-fledged hot blooded screaming rhubarbs? The very one that has taken repeated criticisms not only from players and management, but even his own umpire's union over his competence or lack thereof on several occasions? THAT guy?

So what in the name of Stevie Wonder was he doing behind the plate in a World Series game? Arrgh.

And now the Cleveland Indians are up 2-1 in the Series. Advantage Tribe. No, it's certainly not over, but having to win only 2 out of the remaining possible 4 is a whole lot better than needing to win 3 out of 4. And the Indians have only lost one game since the post season started.

Nothing against Cleveland -- they've gone a good while without a WS championship themselves -- but it would seem almost a shame for the Cubs -- 108 year dry spell and counting -- to get this far only to fall short at the end.

Both teams are really good and certainly deserve to be there, but alas, somebody's gotta go home a loser in the next week or so.

We'll see. Let's hope it goes 7 games -- either way.

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