Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Dennis Rodman story. Will the worm turn?

Dennis Rodman may have been a lot of things, but he's definitely a piece of work, in more ways than one.
His mother Shirley gave birth to him in Trenton, NJ. When he was 3 years old, his father deserted the family and went on to sire 27 more children by different women. Dad's name? Philander --  and no, I'm not making this up. Check it out.
Rodman went through a tough growing up period, from a slum in Dallas, to some obscure college in southeast Oklahoma. Then the Pistons noticed him, and took a shot by drafting him late in the second round.
He went on to become a charter member of the Pistons' Bad Boy era, a rebounding machine, and a 2-time NBA defensive player of the year.
Now the Pistons are going to honor him on April 1, by raising and retiring the #10 jersey he wore when he played for them into the rafters, alongside championship pennants, and the jersies with the names and numbers of great players that have played for the Pistons through the years. Is this a good idea? Maybe.
After all, Chuck Daly, a coach, never even wore a Pistons' jersey as a player, but he has his #2 up there. Vinnie Johnson, who Danny Ainge of the Boston Celtics, not the local media or his teammates, nicknamed "the microwave", has his #15 up there, and VJ wasn't even a starter. Even Rodman himself demanded a trade from the Pistons, got it, went to San Antonio for short while, then went to play with some guy named Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, and came back to trash the Pistons. After short stints with the Lakers, Mavericks, Madonna, Carmen Electra, and even pro wrestling, where he got jammed into a portable toilet, of all things, now the Pistons are going to give him a lifetime honor.
Let's get real. The Pistons aren't a very pretty sight right now. Playoffs are out of the question, they're on the auction block by the widow of the previous owner, and their attendance is dwindling accordingly. The brains overseeing the whole operation, Tom Wilson, bailed for the greener pastures of the rival Ilitch camp a while back, and even the highly respected Joe Dumars might be broomed as soon as a billionaire signs his name as the new owner, who might very well move them elsewhere. They're trying their best to drum up business in a very bad atmosphere with this Rodman thing. Do you think for one second if the Pistons were championship contenders, all this would be happening?
In the end, maybe it will work out for everybody involved, but Rodman has been a person of many faces over the years.
Here's hoping Dennis shows up in a suit, humbly accepts the honor, and everything goes smoothly. If he shows up as Denise in that bridal gown -- things might get ugly.
Remember the date. April fool's day. I wouldn't put it past him.


  1. Never thought of it as a publicity stunt. Good idea.

  2. he was good in his time but retiring his jersey at the palace?come on this is wrong.this guy is no hall of famer.just a nut case that could rebound a basketball.he has no loyalty to detroit either.he probably hasn't been back here since the trade to the spurs.he probably will be to stoned to show up for the ceremony anyways.this will be a disaster!!tarzan.