Friday, October 28, 2011

Best World Series ever? Maybe

People out west finally caught a break. It seems like forever that all major televised sporting events have been slaves of the "eastern time zone". While fans in Detroit, Boston, Philly, NY, etc, got together at the local pub to watch a football game starting at 1 PM, those that lived on the west coast would have to show up at 10 AM at a sports bar to watch the same game. That might be a little early for some folks to pop that first brewski. Perhaps, at long last, they got some measure of redemption last night.

Game 6 of the World Series, between the Rangers and the Cardinals, might be the most entertaining game in the Fall Classic I've ever watched -- and that's going back a few decades. The Rangers were 2 runs ahead in the 9th inning and one strike away from being champs. Oops. The Cards tied it up. Texas scored 2 more runs in the 10th and were one strike away again. Yep. St. Louis tied it up again. On to the 11th. By this time, both teams, pulling out all the stops, had used just about every player available. Pinch hitters had come and gone and both bullpens had been used up. With all the trips to the mound and pitching changes, it made for a very long game that lasted into the wee hours.

Quick question -- when's the last time you saw a major leaguer infielder camp under a pop-up, and then drop it when it came down? It's rare, but it happened in this game. Then that same infielder, who hadn't hit a home run in a very long time, stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 11th, and proceeded to club one well over 400 feet to straightaway centerfield -- for a walk-off victory. What's the chances of all that happening?

The point?  Probably most people east of the Missisissippi couldn't stay up late enough to actually watch this classic play out. The people out west could, though, and good for them.

This is the best World Series I've ever seen, and I can't wait to see how it plays out in the finale. It should be quite a spectacle. Starting pitchers that haven't had their proper "rest"? Forget about it. They'll be ready as relievers, maybe even position players. Bullpens used up? Too bad. Tough it out. Line-ups being juggled around? Highly likely. If the hitters prevail and start lighting up the scoreboard, we might see position players taking the mound to try and get an out or 2. Who knows? A one game shoot out with no holds barred. Exactly the way it SHOULD be.

Best case scenario? A 16-17 inning game where the final score is 21-20. Every pitcher and player used. When it's over, the winners are too tired to abuse champagne in the clubhouse. Then we'd know they gave it their all. They'll have a few months to rest after Game 7, and they're certainly being paid well enough. So why not let it all hang out and see what happens?

Not that it matters, but I have no horse in this race. All I need do is consider the neighborhoods those teams call home. One produces a lot of Busch, and the other a lot of Bush. Both have had a way of upsetting my stomach over the years.

On with the show.



  1. Entertaining, yes. Other than that, it was the worst display of fielding I have ever seen. Even the two-run game tying triple in the 9th (hit by the same guy who hit the winning home run) should have been caught.

    I am also disappointed that the same bullpen that shut the Tigers down is choking the series away.

  2. Good points. I agree Cruz misplayed the triple in the ninth. Know what's really weird? If Texas wins tonight, he'll likely be the MVP. But look at the whole body of work. Pitchers duels, slugfests, a brilliant defensive play one minute and a bone-headed play the next. Stolen bases, hit and runs, clutch hitting, homers flying out of the parks, Nolan Ryan smiling when he saw victory in sight, then frowning when it disappeared. Even old pro Tony LaRussa seemingly having a "phonegate" moment. It's been a little bit of everything baseball has to offer. Now a Game 7 and nobody has the faintest idea what's going to happen. What more can you ask for?

  3. right on. if he wants to see perfection he should watch gymnastics or figure skating instead of baseball. that's what makes it fun. go cards!!!!

  4. No way is Cruz MVP. Hes got a couple homers and a Brandon Inge batting average. Lance Berkman has a Ty Cobb batting average with power and David Freese racks up a couple more RBIs every 15 minutes. Its got to be one of those guys.