Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wisconsin vs MSU

The game's not going to start for a couple more hours and, by the time you read this, it will probably be over.

Who's going to win? Let's break it down.

MSU has home field advantage, but they're without the services of William Gholston, a dominant defensive lineman, because he got suspended for this game due to a couple dirty tactics he used against Michigan.

Wisconsin is ranked #6, which is impressive, plus they demolished Nebraska earlier this year.

MSU is ranked #15 in the nation, plus they've already knocked off Ohio State and Michigan.

Wisconsin is #1 in the country for total offense, averaging over 50 points per game.

MSU is #2 in the country for total defense.

Irresistible force vs immovable object. Something has to give.

Wisconsin might have the best kept secret in the country with QB Russell Wilson. He can run, throw, and improvise with the best of them.

MSU always seems to have intangibles going on -- plus they'll be geeked at home.

But there's another storyline nobody is talking about. If I heard right, Wisconsin's offensive linemen average 6 foot 6, and 330 lbs. That's some serious beef on the hoof. If just one guy 6-6, 330, walks into a bar, he's going to get noticed -- trust me. That's a big dude.

How'd you like to be the proud owner of a small restaurant advertising an "all-you-can-eat for $10" prime rib special on the night before the game, and see 10 or 12 of those godzillas walk through the door?  That could get scary.

I doubt the Spartan football players are intimidated, but somebody somewhere in East Lansing has to feed these guys.

Perhaps they should forego prime rib and any other kind of meat. Forget soup, salad, potatos, and veggies too.

As Marie Antoinette once said, "Let them eat cheese".

Or something like that.

The final score will be ---

MSU (deleted)*
Wisconsin (deleted)*

*(Editor's note: While we give our contributors a great deal of latitude in what they write, it is our policy never to let those with unstable minds predict game outcomes.)


  1. Dear John: If we were stable, we would actually try to predict the score. We will just leave it up to the (experts)...

  2. Amen to that. Besides, stables are for horses. They get ran or worked until they break down and then turned into dog food. Given a choice, I'd rather just keep writing dumb columns.