Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amazing things

I see the KKK is back and has reared their pretty heads again. No, not THOSE guys, but the Kardashians. One of them (Kerplunk?) said she wanted out of the limelight. This while appearing on Jay Leno's show with her sisters (Kaput and Kindapregnant?) and hyping their next TV project. Amazing.

But this is supposed to be about sports. Right.

In the NHL, the LA Kings just knocked off the Devils in New Jersey in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Kings have now won 9 games on the "road" in the playoffs. To get to the Finals, any team has to have won 12 games and this is LA's 13th win. So the Kings have won 9 road games and only 4 at home to get where they are?  Can that be right? If so -- amazing.

A couple weeks have gone by and nary a mention of Tiger Woods. Very amazing.

Serena Williams, after compiling a 46-0 record in the opening rounds of major tennis tournaments, got whupped by the 111th ranked player in the world in the first round of the French Open. Amazing. Further, she didn't resort to her usual multitude of excuses which might be anything from bad calls, to a tummy ache, to a sore "pick a body part", to maybe a solar eclipse that could be viewed if one happened to be standing on the planet Jupiter. She came up with some beauties over the years, but this time she admitted she didn't play well. Truly amazing.

Upon Niklaus Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings announcing his retirement after a long and glorious career, some local pundits can hardly wait to call him the all-time best player the Wings ever had. Forget about Gordie Howe, Stever Yzerman and others. These are the same people that are already referring to Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers as the best all-time pitcher the Tigers ever had. Nevermind he only needs another 140 wins or so to equal Jack Morris, or a measly 1600 more strikeouts to equal Mickey Lolich, to mention just a couple. JV has been a Detroit Tiger for 8 years, five of them good, and three not so good. But he won the American League Cy Young and MVP last year, has his own "fathead" and breakfast cereal, so he must be the best. Methinks such pundits have been swigging the home town Koolaid again. Maybe not so amazing.

To my knowledge, no member of the Detroit Lions has been arrested in the past week. Somewhat amazing. Head coach Jim Schwartz certainly knows pro-football, but he leaves an objective person to wonder what kind of control he has over his team. Given the infamous "Suh Stomp", players slugging each other in practice, and a few other incidents, either on or off the field, perhaps Schwartz has given the term "game warden" a whole new meaning. Amazing. Lions' owner William Clay Ford still apparently doesn't have a clue as to what's going on. Not so amazing.

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers is an incredibly talented player. He's got a 4-year contract worth $42 million dollars. No matter how you slice it or dice it -- that's an amazing amount of money to the average working stiff. Yet athletes never seem to have enough. They want endorsements that will pay them even more. Someone in Griffin's position likely has many choices as to what product(s) to endorse. So why does an American pro basketball player seem so smug while hyping cars (KIA) built in South Korea? Hasn't he ever heard of GM, Ford, and Chrysler? Bentleys, Beemers, and maybe a Porcshe or Fiat I can believe, but does anybody really think he tools around town in a KIA, or even has one parked in his garage somewhere? If so, they're amazingly gullible.

Considering a lot of other things going on in sports, maybe the KKK isn't so bad after all.



  1. "A couple weeks have gone by and nary a mention of Tiger Woods. Very amazing."

    Well John, looks like no mention of Tiger will probably be the last time for awhile. Tiger won Jack's tournament this weekend to tie Jack with 73 PGA tour wins. That makes 2 wins this year, but more importantly it appears that Tiger is comfortable with his new swing now. And the magic has reappeared. The intimidation factor may be back too, as Rickie Fowler shot 84 today, paired with Tiger.

    The guy who looked to be the biggest challenge to Tiger, one Rory McIlroy has missed the last 3 cuts. I am not sure when the world rankings will reflect it, but by the end of summer Tiger will again be considered the best in the world.

    1. Wow. Knew you were an Eldrick fan, but didn't know you had the fever THAT bad. My advice is to take two aspirins, chug a tall glass of tequila, and have Brian McNamee give you a shot in the butt. You'll feel better. Trust me. I'll get arund to lampooning Tiger again one of these days, because it's so easy, but right now too much other stuff is going on for me to pay much attention to a golfer winning a tournament that isn't a major.