Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Greg Norman, Tiger, and the kid

Sometimes the things famous people in the sports world say are amusing. Greg Norman, "The Shark", was recently quoted as saying he thought Tiger Woods is intimidated by Rory McIlroy, the young Irish lad that has recently stormed onto the scene in the pro golf world.

Most would scoff, of course, at the very notion of such a thing, but could it be? After all, McIlroy has pretty well equaled what Woods did in his own younger years, no small feat. Further, of late, while Tiger may indeed be making a comeback, Rory has stared him down on Sunday afternoons, along with the rest of the field, and won handily.

When asked about Norman's remarks, McIlroy showed proper public etiquette and respect towards a legend in the game by quietly suggesting that nobody intimidates Tiger Woods on a golf course. Did he really mean it? Who knows? Maybe deep down inside, much like Tiger may have once thought at the same age with his talent -- perhaps the truth is more like -- I can take this old man, and all the rest, whenever I get ready, and there's not a damn thing they can do about it.

Only his leprechaun within knows for sure, but Rory did the right thing when the cameras and microphones were turned on.

What's even more amusing was Tiger's retort to Norman's suggestion. Woods said it must have something to do with Norman's hair -- evidently a not-so-subtle blond joke. The reporters chuckled. So did yours truly, but for different reasons.

Evidently, Eldrick has quickly become oblivious to what effects another certain long-haired blond had on his life, both personal and professional, not that long ago. Perhaps roughly $100 million and the world-wide airing of his dirty laundry wasn't enough to deter him from such off-color references -- no pun intended.

Regardless, Woods making jokes about somebody else's hair is laughable in itself. When he takes off his golf cap, what do we see on HIS head? Perhaps something that resembles a Chiapet after a bad day with a Marine Corps. barber?  Beats me, but he needs to start making more putts.

Because the Irish kid, humble as he may be, not only has a full head of hair, but seems to swing all the golf clubs better too.

As for Greg Norman.....  Chris Evert? Two rich uppety blondes under the same roof? Please. That was NEVER "going to work". Pun intended.


  1. John: Who really cares about Greg Norman's offhanded remark about Tiger anyway. He needs to concentrate on his own game and life, or lack of. Tiger had every right to return the comment, I am sure he gets tired of everyone trying to "read his mind" or project what is to be with his game. Afterall he has make quite a comeback, to the surprise of many, and I am sure we have not seen his best game in his second go round. Mcllroy did the right thing. First it was the professional thing to do and second, he has watched Tiger make such a remarkable return to the game, and any player that knows anything about Tiger is not about to doubt that Tiger has the ability to rise to the top again. Mcllroy is a fantastic player, but with no life history. Throw in a bit of that, and lets see what happens.

    The Princess

  2. Agreed, Princess. Sorta. No life history indeed. Seems to me that upon it being exposed -- that's what led to Tiger's downfall in the first place, but what do I know?