Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Super Bowl blackout

Anybody that watched the Super Bowl, in the Super dome in New Orleans, knows it suffered a power failure of some sort that lasted about half an hour. The problem is, nobody wants to step up and take responsibility for what happened. The finger pointing has begun.

Now call me naive, if you will, but yours truly firmly believes somebody somewhere knows EXACTLY what happened. Perhaps like so many other things these days, the people that could explain this are hoping the story gradually fades away. Unless an event is totally outrageous, which this was not, people in a position of authority learned a long time ago that deflecting questions and "waiting it out" until the next big story comes along to divert the public's attention, works out more times than not. Once the heat is off, they can go back to business as usual. Certainly the politicians have mastered this art. Stall long enough, and the story goes away anyway, to be replaced with whatever captures the public's attention next.

Yet in this case, it wouldn't seem to be asking too much for somebody to explain what happened. It's not like anybody's going to be facing massive law suits looking for millions of dollars. No real harm was done, other than possibly giving New Orleans, the Superdome, the electrical company (Entergy) or even the NFL a bit of a black eye.

Therefore, that's exactly why yours truly suspects when all is said and done -- the reasons behind that pesky little blackout will boil down to a derivative of Murphy's Law.

"When more than one person is responsible for a miscalculation, ultimately no one will be at fault".

And so it goes.....

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