Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bryan Holoday and C'MON MAN

Well OK. I get it that orange is one of the Detroit Tigers' team colors. But catcher Bryan Holoday painting his fingernails bright orange before going out to catch a game against the Minnesota Twins won't exactly win him any awards in the manning-up category.

And this dude's from Dallas? The rough and tough Big D? Wearing fingernail polish? Really?

No doubt, manager Brad Ausmus was OK with this. Well then. What's next? Ausmus fielding questions at a press conference clad only in a bright orange thong? Scary thought.

And what gives with Victor Martinez's mouthguard? When wearing it, he brings back old memories of Lon Chaney's portrayal of the wolfman. With all the different varieties available to players these days -- this is the best he can do?

Major League Baseball umpire Joe West got a one game suspension for grabbing the jersey of a player during an on-field argument. Had it been the other way around, with the player doing the same to an umpire, he likely would have been bounced for at least 10 games. If it's a Commandment that a player shalt not touch an umpire, then an equal Commandment should state an umpire shalt not touch a player. So where's the equality?

Note to out-going Commissioner Bud Selig.

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