Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pearl Harbor day and college football

In the next few days the Final Four will be decided in the world of big-time college football. Currently, Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, and TCU are generally considered the top four -- with Baylor and Ohio State lurking not far behind. Even Arizona has an outside shot. Michigan State, by virtue of not even advancing to their conference championship game, can fuhgetaboutit.

Yet the upcoming games present some interesting possibilities. What if.....

Bama got knocked off by Missouri? Could happen. The Tide has played their share of nail-biters this year and are hardly unbeatable. While mostly flying under the radar, the Tigers are 10-2 and no slouches.

Florida State fell to Georgia Tech? Could happen. Though the only remaining unbeaten team, the 'Noles haven't exactly impressed lately, barely squeaking out wins. And the Yellow Jackets are ranked somewhere around #10. This game is no gimme.

Oregon gets beat by #7 Arizona in the Pac 12 conference championship game? The Ducks' only loss this year was to the very same Wildcats -- in Oregon. Now they're going to play a rematch at a neutral site in California. Anything can happen.

TCU is a virtual lock, considering they host lowly Iowa State and are favored by over 30 points.

#6 Baylor hosts #9 Kansas State, with identical 7-1 Big 12 conference records.  No gimme there either.

Ohio State has to take on the brutes of Wisconsin in Indianapolis, with a third string quarterback starting his first game for the Buckeyes. The Cheesers are a 4 point favorite. Sounds about right.

So in a Rod Serling-esque world, what would happen if Bama, Fla St., Oregon, Ohio St., and Baylor all lost? Not likely, but think what kind of pandemonium that would throw the almighty selection committee into, while trying to sort out the Final Four.

If Condoleezza Rice, a member of the committee, thought those mythical weapons of mass destruction were hard to find in Iraq, then good luck trying to sort out this mess if all the above comes to pass.

And that's why yours truly hopes it does. Wouldn't it be fun to see some "shock and awe" dropped on the college football world in the last couple days before Condy and her minions go behind closed doors and try to determine the NEW Final Four? They'll have less than 24 hours to come up with a plan and announce their final decision to the public.

Fittingly enough, this will happen on Sunday, Dec 7. Pearl Harbor day. If the top four seeds all win, then their job becomes a non-job. Things will have taken care of themselves, and the committee was a colossal waste of time and money.

But here's hoping a few Tora Tora Tora bombs fall early in certain games -- just to make them earn their money making hard decisions in a hurry. Besides, it would be infinitely more interesting to the public. Talking sports heads trying to analyze all the possibilities would get so worked up they might spontaneously combust on the air. And how much fun would that be to watch? I've long thought guys like Tony Kornheiser, Mike Wilbon, and Tony Reali going up in flames would somehow be beneficial to mankind.

Improbable as it all may be, one can hope.

In the meantime, I'm still all in with TCU.

I doubt even Rod Serling ever imagined Horned Frogs ruling the college football world.

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