Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rants on rants and other dumb things

In the Whatever Bowl, Georgia had thoroughly clobbered Louisville. They were ahead by over 3 touchdowns with the final seconds ticking down. But true to their very strange nature, the TV announcers were still screaming with excitement. "HE CAME THAT  CLOSE TO AN INTERCEPTION!!!  As if it would have made the slighest difference.

One is left to wonder if these guys act the same way at home with their families.

Example #1. At the dinner table. "OMG, honey, your game planning that led up to this meatloaf was INCREDIBLE. It has the potential to someday be inducted into the ground beef Hall of Fame. And I haven't tasted cheesy potatoes so yummy since that road trip to Wisconsin way back in 2007."

Example #2. Watching through the window as their teenaged daughter arrives home after her first date. As the car pulls to a stop -- "Uh oh. Harold's shifting around showing multiple looks. Holy Jon Gruden, this could be a double A-gap blitz!!! Let's hope our dear Belinda keeps a tight formation, or this could easily result in her being sacked!!!. He COULD -- GO -- ALL --THE --WAY!!!!"


Peyton Manning is still at it with his dumb commercials. It's not like he needs the money. The dude's making almost $20 million a year to play football. Has the man no shame? You don't see Tom Brady doing such moronic ad spots. Aaron Rodgers? Well, hang out in Cheeserland long enough, and ANYBODY will get pumped up. Or at least their arteries.

Stanford put a serious beatdown on Maryland in the Whozit Bowl. This took place in Santa Clara, the new home of the San Fran 49ers. The distances both teams had to travel? For Maryland, roughly 2500 miles, all the way across the country. For Stanford, 14 miles. They could have walked to the stadium. Talk about home field advantage....

And what gives with both their names anyway? Terrapins are turtles. Aren't most turtles known for being slow and clumsy? This is what they want to call their student-athletes?

The very name Stanford Cardinal, as in singular, has always been a mystery. Do they consider themselves like the Borg of Star Trek fame? Once in Palo Alto, are all athletes assimilated into one entity and brainwashed to serve a prime directive? Beats me, but it doesn't sound right.

Adding insult to eardrum department. It is now the wee hours of the morning and all the games are long over. But you'd never know it by the 4-letter network. The talking heads in the studio are busy screaming away and otherwise hyperventilating -- over REPLAYS.

What is it with these people?

Idle thought: Maybe THEY should be tested for performance enhancing drugs, because this sort of behavior just isn't normal......

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