Sunday, June 28, 2015

A big news week

Well, let's see. The Supreme Court legalized gay marriage and upheld Obamacare. The Confederate flag is under siege and the two escapees from a New York prison have been accounted for.

The Detroit Red Wings drafted another Russian and the Pistons picked a guy named Stanley with their first choice. Let's hope he's a steamer and not one of those pesky box cutters. Regardless, the woeful Pistons are years away from being championship contenders even if everything breaks right for them in the future.

The Detroit Tigers have won a few and lost a few to remain barely above .500. They're currently 6 games behind the AL central division leading KC Royals (a whopping 8 in the loss column). Did you know that going all the way back to the 60s the Tigers have never made the playoffs when trailing by that many games at this point in the season?

No news Dept. The Detroit Lions are post OTAs/minicamps and pre-preseason. Not much going on. Like other NFL teams, they probably have 90-some guys on their roster right now. In the next couple months that will have to be pared down to 53. Cuts are a-coming. Maybe Stanley can help them out. Ahem. And why even bother paying 20-30 guys they already know don't have a prayer of making the final roster?  It's just more laundry to do and mouths to feed. A total waste of time and money.

All quiet on the Michigan/Michigan State football front -- for now. But you just know that will kick into hyper-gear in a few weeks. Everybody wants to see how new UM coach Jim Harbaugh's team will stack up against the proven Spartans of Mark Dantonio. We'll all find out on Oct. 17 when they lock horns in Ann Arbor. Thing is, it might not even matter. Coming off a national championship, the dreaded Buckeyes from Ohio State appear to still be the class of the Big 10, or 14, or whatever they are. And what's with that anyway? How can a conference still call itself the Big 10 when they have 14 teams?

The US ladies soccer team will finally face some serious competition. They've barely eked by during their "group stage" and the first two games of the knock-out phase against much lesser opponents. Now they've reached the semi-finals and have to play the big girls. We'll see.

Phil Jackson thought he deserved a few votes as Executive of the Year for presiding over the NY Knicks? Really? Weren't they pretty much pitiful all the way around last season? PJ's long been known for his triangle offense. Recently in Madison Square Garden that has consisted of Carmelo Anthony, who can't even spell "defense" let alone play it, and a courtside yappy chihuahua named Spike Lee. The third side of the triangle seems to be missing. Like, you know, putting a decent team on the floor. Phil, Carmelo and Spike more closely resemble Larry, Moe and Curly than any sort of respectable NBA triumvirate. Nyuk nyuks where appropriate.

Lebron James and Kevin Love opted out of their contracts with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Interesting. Might they be headed elsewhere? Probably not. It appears as if both are willing to rework their deals to make cap space so the Cavs can sign another mega-player and possibly win a championship. In other words, take a cut in pay to make the team better. Horrors!! If true, whoever heard of such a thing with modern day athletes? Then again, what's the difference between making $20 million or 15? It's still an obscene amount of money. How many fancy houses, boats and cars do they need anyway?

Last but not least, still no word from Roger Goodell and his minions over Tom Brady's appeal of his deflategate suspension. What, pray tell, is the hold up? All the evidence and testimony are in. Nothing's going to change. So get on with it already. Make the call and we'll see what happens next.

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