Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cavs and commercials

Well gee. If you owe less than $625,000 on your mortage the feds have a deal for you. An easy-peasy refi that can save you a bunch of bucks. That's great, but tell ya what. You're already an idiot. What kind of fool borrows that much money in the first place? If you're rich, you didn't need a loan. And you didn't get rich by paying interest, but rather collecting it. Something is wrong with this picture.

The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to surprise the basketball world. Already without several key players, they just knocked off the favored Golden State Warriors -- again.

Aussie guard Matthew Dellavedova (or is that In A Gadda Da Vita?) has proven to be quite the iron butterfly indeed while checking the reigning NBA MVP, sometimes known as Steph Curry.

In Game 3, the short-handed Cavaliers pretty well had their way with the Oakland bunch -- for three quarters. They led by a whopping 17 points going into the fourth, a seemingly insurmountable lead. But you just knew the Warriors would go on a run. And they did, closing the gap to as little as 3 points with plenty of time remaining. Would the Cavs actually blow such a giant lead?

It turns out not, but it sure looked like they were lost in the fourth quarter. They seemed to have only one play on offense. Give it to Lebron and let him create something. Meanwhile, the other four guys were standing around.

Another commercial break. You gotta love that TV insurance ad that brought back Jane and Dan of classic Saturday Night Live fame as Coneheads. Still not sure how successful one might be trying to contact their insurance agent at 3 in the morning -- and does the same guy in the same khakis always answer the phone? I dunno, but it beats the heck out of the shrew and her idiot husband in the original version.

Now Cleveland is ahead 2-1 in the Finals and has home court advantage to boot. Can they hang on and pull this off for a title? Count yours truly as still skeptical. Golden State was behind Memphis 2-1 in a similar scenario as well but came roaring back to dispatch the Grizzlies.

Wow. That was an eye-opener. If you've experienced massive internal bleeding and even death after taking a certain prescription drug, call this 800 number right away for help. I understand legal minds have been known to work miracles, but getting deceased people to pick up the phone to join a class action suit would be impressive indeed. Then again, maybe those lawyers wear khakis too and do their best work at 3 AM for the recently departed. Right.

On with the Finals. Every game is crucial, but Game 4 is super-crucial. If GS evens it up at 2-2, that's one thing. But if the CCers go up 3-1.........

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