Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More idle rants

So the US ladies soccer team just beat the Columbians? Well, they should have. The Columbians were forced to play the majority of the game a man, make that woman short. What kind of insane soccer rule allows that to happen? That's like an NHL team on a perpetual power-play. If they DON'T score a few goals it would be surprising. Yet the Americans only won 2-0, and one goal was on a penalty kick, which was a questionable call to begin with. Let's just say the American girls didnt't exactly shock and awe.

Remember when the Detroit Tigers started off the season 6-0, and then 11-2? Some of the Motown hard-cores, both fans and media, wondered if this year's Tigers could match the incredible 35-5 record the 1984 version had accomplished. (Stoked by the media, the koolaid continues to be addictive in Detroit amongst all their teams). Well, they recently won their 35th game. Too bad it took them 69 games instead of 40 to do it.

At last look the Tigers were 5 games behind the AL central division leading KC Royals, a whopping 8 in the loss column. After their 11-2 start, they went 23-32 to thud back to .500. Out of 15 teams in the American League, the D-sters currently find themselves in 9th place overall. Playoffs? They're in 6th place for the two wild cards spots available. Nevertheless, it's early, as they say. There's still 90 games remaining. Anything can happen. The Tigers could get hot and zoom back up to the top, or get cold and head south again. The only constant they seem to have on their team is slugger Miguel Cabrera. Their once vaunted starting pitching staff is a shell of what it was. Sometimes they get by, and other times they get rocked. The Tigers have yet to win a game all year when trailing in the ninth inning. They've become cannon fodder for opposing closers. Any of several of their players can have a huge game at bat, then turn around and go 0-20. For every defensive gem there seems to be a bonehead. Trying to figure these guys out is like trying to determine which way a bat will turn in flight while chasing mosquitoes. Good luck with that.

Out of all the college teams, Vandy and Virginny wound up meeting again this time around to decide the baseball championship like last year? What were the chances of that happening? Maybe it's because they both remain really good. And haven't we had enough of Florida and California teams? It's good to see two such schools in the limelight.

Uh-oh. There went that male enhancement commercial again. Got a problem? Take one of these pills to impress your lady. But wait, it might cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. Or dizziness, hives, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, shortness of breath, light sensitivity, and a heart attack, stroke or seizure aren't out of the question. Dang. That's a whole lot of not-so-good maybes to have some fun. But never fear -- if you experience a fatal event don't take any more pills and call your doctor immediately. Right. However, if everything works out, but one is still in excited mode after a couple days -- it might not be a bad idea to only take a half pill next time around. That's some, ahem, hard-hitting stuff.

WTF Dept.
Some local TV news crew pre-empted my beloved Jeopardy! so they could talk about how much fun the people were GOING to have at the Detroit fireworks? A few hours before they even began while it was still broad daylight? Grrrr. If Detroit wants to rehab its sorry image, this is not exactly a terrific PR idea. And who watches fireworks on TV anyway? How incredibly get a life dull is that?

BTW, WTF stands for Wasted Television Foolishness. You thought perhaps it was something else?

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