Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Poor girl and sorry boys

It really is sad. During the ladies' World Cup soccer competition England had made it all the way to the semi-finals where they faced Japan. And the Brits lost because -- one of their own players accidentally kicked the ball into her own goal??? I pity the girl when she arrives back home in now not so jolly old (soccer crazy) England. Can you imagine how bad she'll be roasted by the media and citizens alike? Maybe she could hook up with Edward Snowden. Neither really did anything wrong, but they could probably sympathize with each other's plights.

An interesting recent article by Doug Ferguson of the AP. He pointed out that after Tiger Woods finished last season ranked #32 -- already quite the fall -- half way through this year Eldrick has tumbled to a bottom-feeding #220. But this is what happens when one shoots more rounds in the 80s than in the 60s and is typically 15-20 shots behind after two rounds in any given tournament. The absolute clincher? According to Ferguson, Tiger's presence at this week's Greenbriar Classic contributes no points -- as in ZERO -- to the strength of the field. Wow.

Idle thought: If Tiger gets any worse, might they consider negative impact numbers in the future when he shows up at a tourney? After all, Woods is already pre-qualified for any tournament he wishes to play in based on his illustrious past. But if he's stinking it up THIS bad at #220, he's taking the place of another higher ranked golfer that might want to play in the tournament. Typically a field is only around 150-160 guys to start with. The PGA might want to re-examine their exemption rules before this gets even more embarrassing.

Joba the Hutt (or is that Mutt?) Chamberlain entered a Detroit Tiger came earlier this evening. He promptly gave up a couple moon shot home runs to Pittsburgh Pirate batters. Granted, the Tigers' bullpen remains in a state of flux. That's one way of putting it. Another would be it's a cluster****. If Tiger starting pitchers can't go deep into games  -- they're in trouble. When will the Tigers ever figure out that there's a reason the Yankees gave Chamberlain the boot? Namely, he more closely resembles a batting practice pitcher than a reliable reliever. Mediocre fastballs and hanging breaking pitches over the middle of the plate are a recipe for diaster. Crack. There goes another one.

Know what's really odd? The Tigers considered Chamberlain a bargain at a measly million bucks a year. By today's standards that's cheap. It's also the reason ticket prices have become outrageous and you have to pay 10 bucks for a nickel's worth of cheap beer. Want to go to a game with the average family of four and enjoy yourselves while partaking in a bit of food and drink? Might have to skip a house payment. Decisions, decisions.

Then again, it's a bargain when one considers Justin Verlander. He's being paid a whopping $28,000,000 this year. It's almost half over and the fastball flakes man has yet to win a single game. There's ridiculous, absurd, preposterous, and even mind-boggling. What comes after mind-boggling? Beats me, but whatever it is, if you're going to games you're paying for it.

Idle thought II: The next time one of your local baseball reporters tells you this or that player was a bargain at a mere few million -- send them an email and ask them how much they have to pay to go watch the games.

Between the British futbol player, Tiger Woods, Joba Chamberlain, and financial albatrosses such as Verlander, tis a sorry state of affairs indeed.

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