Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ranting on injuries

Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls is a wonderfully gifted basketball player. He even won the NBA MVP not long ago. But now, before the 2015 season has begun, he's out again with an injury. A broken eye socket, surgery required, and timetable for return unknown.

That would seem to beg the question..... Despite how talented a player may be, what good is that player to the team if he can't stay healthy enough to play? After all, this is hardly DR's first go-round with injuries. He's spent most of the last few years collecting tons of money while unable to play. Is it finally time to officially call Rose a bust? Maybe.

Down in Big D, QB Tony Romo is out with a broken collar bone and star receiver Dez Bryant has a broken foot. Can the Boys survive a couple months without their services? Maybe. Only because the NFC East is otherwise underwhelming. The Redskins are terrible. Mad genius Chip Kelly in Philly has made a lot of surprising roster moves, but they have so far more closely resembled madness than genius. And who knows about Tom Coughlin, Eli, and the NY Giants? As inept as the coach and QB seem, every few years they improbably rise up to greatness. Methinks 2015 will not be one of them. These guys are not good.

Big Ben of the Pittsburgh Steelers is out for a couple months with a strained knee ligament. Coach Mike Tomlin says he has all the confidence in the world back-up QB Michael Vick (sound familiar?) can step in and do the job. Well, good luck with that. Vick has been a disaster at QB since that whole dog-fighting thing landed him behind bars a few years back. For that matter, even in his prime, the Vickster was always much more hype than substance.

So far, the Green Bay Packers are cruising along undefeated. But it's likely only a matter of time before they will miss wide receiver supreme Jordy Nelson, who was lost for the season on a freak injury. True, the rest of the NFC Central division shouldn't be a problem for the Pack. The Detroit Lions are once again stumbling, Da Bears remain in floundering mode, and even with a so-far healthy Adrian Peterson, does anybody really think the Vikings are serious contenders? Not likely.

Tiger Woods supposedly had another back surgery and says he'll be raring to go when the next golf season begins. Though what remain of his ever-faithful groupies are no doubt delirious with joy at the prospect of their hero coming back, it can realistically be summed up in three words.


Eldrick had his decade of greatness, but now it's far in the rear view mirror. Whether it was getting married, having a couple kids, being exposed as a serial adulterer, the messy divorce that quickly followed, or a rash of injuries, real or feigned, it--just--doesn't--matter. He'll be 40 and the bevy of young studs on the PGA tour will eat him alive on the courses. Forget winning another major. He'll be lucky to make a cut. It's over. Get used to it.

On a personal note, here's to Scott and Jennifer, wherever you are. Loved you both, and would never in my wildest dreams have imagined the nightmare scenario that would befall you. RIP.

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