Thursday, May 19, 2016

Steph Curry's dive. Bad fans?

With apologies to the Bard, this appears to be much ado about nothing. Nobody got hurt -- no harm, no foul -- and all that. But the legions of talking heads need SOMETHING to blather on about, so the Golden State Warrior guard supreme (and a few fans) were back in the news.

While chasing a loose ball, Dell's boy managed to wind up a couple rows deep in the court-side seats. The ever-present cameras zoomed in. #30 had gone down amid flailing arms and legs in a sea of humanity. Was he OK?

The point of contention became the fans involved not immediately coming to the rescue of dear Steph. A couple even snapped a few pix of him floundering at their feet.

Naturally, the media was quick to pounce. What the hell is the matter with these fans, they roared. Don't they know Steph Curry is the franchise player? How DARE them look on idly while their own superstar was in "distress". Harrumph!!

To all of which yours truly says -- Hogwash. Let's look at it objectively and remember who's who, and where they are.

If a fan runs on the court for any reason, he/she will be quickly corralled and escorted out of the building -- if not arrested. Regardless of the sport, we all know thou shalt not trespass on the actual playing surface. Fair enough.

But where is the line when it comes to the players? Shouldn't they have to abide by the same rules in reverse? Stay on the court, dammit. They have no more right to charge into the seats than a fan has coming onto the court. The line is the line and it should be respected both ways.

Many would likely counter with -- what's the matter with you dillweed? Don't you know this is the NBA Western Conference finals, Steph is a star player making a bazillion dollars, and his own fans OWE him any help they can provide?

Nonsense. Look at it from a fan's point of view. How much did he/she pay to sit in those court-side seats in the first place? A couple grand? Five? Ten? And then some sweaty guy comes charging into THEIR space bowling them over because he's chasing a basketball he obviously couldn't get to anyway? The fans were where they were supposed to be. It was Curry that crossed the line. Chasing a loose ball is no excuse to dive into the seats. He could have easily seriously injured innocents while doing so. But the media doesn't seem to care about that. It's always about the player and who cares if a few fans get dinged up?

So if I was one of those fans, I don't owe Steph Curry anything. I paid my way in with big bucks in the first place. If I want to snap a few pix with him floundering at my feet -- in MY space -- I have every right to do so. I am NOT obligated to render him assistance. If he's hurt, the team has trainers and a medical staff to tend to such things. For that matter, if he WAS badly hurt and I made matters worse by attempting to hoist him back up -- I could find myself getting sued. No thank you. I'll just snap a few pix and see what happens.

But Steph is the "franchise", some would still ask? Maybe so, and all the better to leave such a situation to the professionals to sort out. Besides, if I'm sitting in those seats -- how does anybody know I'm not equally important in my walk of life? Maybe I'm the CEO of a company. Or a neurosurgeon. Or run a yard care business. How are all those paychecks going to be signed, brains fixed, and lawns mowed if some reckless player puts me out of commission for a while? All while I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I didn't do anything wrong -- that idiot player did -- so where's the love for me?

Bad fans, my butt. Reckless player is more like it. We stay out of their space, so they should stay out of ours. And guess who's paying who's salary?

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