Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Romo/Prescott logic problem

Just for fun, let's consider an alternative universe where things are backwards and see what conclusion we might come to -- if any.

The characters.

Owner, president, general manager and head bottle washer Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys. He just happens to be a white guy.

As is 36 year old quarterback Tony Romo, obviously approaching the end of his career.

Dak Prescott -- a 23 year old rookie QB, who just happens to be a black guy.

The ever-present media sniping away.


Once again, Romo has been injured. Prescott has stepped in and performed quite admirably in his absence. Over the years there was never any doubt that Romo was the Cowboys' starting QB. But he never led them to the promised land, and in fact has been perceived as somewhat of a choker in the playoffs.

Dating all the way back to the Tex Schramm/Tom Landry days, the Cowboys have firmly held to a policy whereby a starter doesn't lose his job due to injury. Someone has to beat him out for it fair and square.

The media hounds put heavy emphasis in being "politically correct". They will always champion the cause of a "minority" over their "oppressors", even sometimes to the point of flying in the fact of merit.

Dallas is obviously located in Texas, normally considered a conservative part of the country. A red state, as opposed to, say, New York or California, where the people might view the same issue quite differently.

The situation.

Many in the media are claiming Romo should not get his job back when he has recovered from his injury. Prescott is doing too well to upset the proverbial apple cart.
Conversely, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have said they intend to reinstate Romo as soon as he is ready to play.

There can be no doubt that at some point in the near future, an intersection is inevitable. Romo is on the down side of his career, and Prescott's is just starting.

Prescott is from Mississippi State, a pretty good program in the brutal Southeastern Conference. Yet he wasn't drafted until the 4th round last spring. As QB's go, picking one in the fourth round usually means a "project". Maybe they work out eventually, and maybe not.
Romo was from tiny Eastern Illinois and wasn't drafted at all. However, the draft position of either isn't relevant. After all, Tom Brady wasn't taken until the 6th round, almost as an afterthought, and he seems to have worked out fairly well.

The twist.

Everything else remains the same, but suppose the colors of both these QBs were flipped. Prescott is now white and Romo black in our alternate universe. Or...
Jerry Jones is a man of color.

The question.

Does this raging conversation/debate about whether Prescott should keep the job or Romo get it back ever even happen?

Food for thought........

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