Monday, November 7, 2016

Hillary,Donald, Rex, and Pete

It is interesting that on the same night Rex Ryan's Buffalo Bills take on Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks (Monday Night Football), we will wake up to Hillary Clinton battling it out with Donald Trump for the Presidency.

Some parallels come to mind. This author will throw out a few factoids regarding the above coaches and politcos, and you determine who's who.

One of the coaches is widely perceived as willing to lie, cheat, steal, etc., to get whatever he wants. He left the program at USC in a shambles and bailed to the NFL. One of the candidates is the same way.

One of the candidates left Benghazi, and all of Libya for that matter, in total chaos.

The other, a hotel magnate, has seen some of them crash and burn through bankruptcy.

Both retain the "what does it matter now?" philosophy.

One of the candidates is thought by some to be a clown. So is one of the coaches.

One candidate has a spouse that evidently can't get enough of dabbling with the opposite sex. Some estimate thousands of them. The other can be somewhat creepy in the same regard.

One of the coaches has little teeth, constantly chews gum, and talks fast like a sleazy used car salesman.

Few, if any, really trust one of the candidates. The other makes millions of people quiver in fear as to what he MIGHT do if elected.

One of the candidates relies heavily on his children to promote his image.

Likewise, one of the coaches recently hired his brother to a top position. Nepotism anyone?

One of the candidates has held a variety of political positions and traveled the globe pretty much failing miserably at all of them.

One of the coaches thought he could make people forget about the New England Patriots' standard of excellence and coach the NY Jets into Super Bowl champions.

All four have absolutely zero -- repeat ZERO -- shame when confronted with their obvious gaffes and other missteps.

One of the candidates has previously lived in both a state house and the White House for several years. She'll do anything to stay in a position of power.

One of the coaches, or perhaps both, will do anything to keep his current job, or a similar one on another team. Anything to stay relevant in the NFL.

All are millionaires many times over. This is because common people, who should have more sense, constantly throw money at their campaigns and various "projects".

One of the coaches, and his team, somewhat predictably just went down to defeat on MNF. It will be a long flight back to Buffalo.

One of the candidates, dare I say predictably, will likely endure a bruising loss on election day tomorrow. They will have to limp back to an ivory tower somewhere to lick their wounds.

Finally, and sadly, one way or the other, we have not seen and heard the end of any of them. They'll be back for another go-round, and we'll be dumb enough to pay for it.

Alas, the ship of fools sails on.......

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