Saturday, December 31, 2016

College football playoffs

You would have thought the semi-finals would at least be, well, semi-competitive games. Wrong.

In the Peach Bowl, Washington started off well enough, scoring an early touchdown, but then they got stoned. No, not THAT kind of stoned, though I believe it IS legal in Washington state these days. Stoned, as in that's it, you ain't gettin no more. So sayeth Alabama.

After that, it was a one-sided affair indeed. The final score of 24-7 doesn't do it justice. The Huskies could play the Tide ten times and they'd lose every one of them, likely all by lopsided scores. Washington clearly didn't belong on the same field as Bama.

Speaking of which....

The Fiesta Bowl was even worse. There was always some debate as to whether Ohio State should have qualified for these playoffs, when they couldn't even make it to their own Big 10 conference championship game. Problem was, the way things worked out, the other "contenders" were even LESS qualified. Somebody had to go, and the Buckeyes were the best of a mediocre litter.

But come game time, the slaughter started early and never let up. Clemson ran roughshod over OSU. Men against boys style. It was embarrassing. 31-0? That goes beyond blowout to flat out humiliating. On the national stage with football fans everywhere tuned in, the once proud Buckeyes got skunked? It was the first time in head coach Urban Meyer's 15 year coaching career (at several schools) that any of his teams had been totally shutout. Urban Meyer's boys looked more like an Oscar Meyer product with the wieners he put out there on the field. Or is Clemson just that good? They sure looked like it against the feeble scarlet and grey.

Sooooo, this means a rematch of last year's championship game between Alabama and Clemson. The red and the orange tee it up again. Nick vs Dabo. A year ago, Bama prevailed to the tune of 45-40, but the game was very much in doubt until the very end. Needless to say, it was quite interesting and thrilling to watch. Two heavyweights slugging it out.

And so it will probably be this time around in Tampa when they go at it again.

All of which means it will beat the bejeebers out of the two lop-sided games we just got done watching, unless one was a Bama or Clemson fan. OSU and UW coaches, players, and fans have to hang their heads in shame. To come all this way only to witness or experience their team thoroughly ground up like cube steak at the hands of vastly superior opponents.


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