Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Jeff Fisher insanity

Something is horribly wrong with this picture. In their infinite wisdom, the LA Rams have recently given head coach Jeff Fisher a two year contract extension. On top of the year he had remaining on the current one, they'll be saddled with him for a minimum of three more years. Or at least his mega-million dollar salary.

Let's look closer at what Fisher has accomplished as their coach. He's posted a 31-44 record. Earlier today the Rams were slaughtered by the Atlanta Falcons to the tune of 42-14. A four touchdown beatdown.

In the season opener his squad was torched 28-0 by the San Francisco 49ers -- the worst team not named Cleveland in the entire league, though it's close.

At 4-9 this year, the Rams have already been mathematically eliminated from any playoff possibilities. And no help appears to be in sight any year soon.

And now a word from our sponsors.

Gee, what a deal. Buy this auto for the low low price of only 25 grand and be the toast of your neighborhood. Of course that number doesn't include title, taxes, those pesky excise fees, options, and other goodies. So what do you get, or more importantly, not get?  A frame, a body, and a motor would seem like basics. Here's hoping they throw in seats, a steering wheel, head/tail lights, and brakes. Or are those considered options?

Over his 22 year career in the NFL, Fisher's teams have made it to the playoffs a grand total of just six times. And don't look now, but he's rapidly closing in on the all-time career loss record as a head coach. Just a handful shy. He'll most certainly blow by that dubious mark sometime next year.

With a track record like that and his current team plunging headlong into the dumpster, one would think the LAST thing a franchise owner would do is give him a guaranteed job extension. It's insanity. In any other job, except maybe congressperson -- ahem -- such ineptitude would have resulted in the employee being broomed long ago. What, in the name of St. Doofus, is going on here?

Yet here's wishing the best to the pro football fans in the LA area. They finally got a team back in town to root for. Unfortunately, they haven't been any good in several years, appear to be getting much worse, and are skippered by the soon to be losingest coach in NFL history. Plus, the ownership thinks so highly of Fisher as to shower him with even more millions and future job security.

Madness, we know, but the folks in LA-LA land have likely long become accustomed to no-talent wackos in their midst. They not only accept, but embrace them as some sort of royalty, worshiping their every word and action. We could offer the K girls and their clan as Exhibit A.

Now they have Jeff Fisher and the woeful LA Rams thrust upon them. It seems positively brutal, though they ought to dovetail nicely with those referred to in the previous paragraph. And sorry, too late to send them back to St. Louis.

And hey, what's a little more insanity in a place that continues to set the standard for it?

But a contract extension for Fisher? How low can they go?

That's just nuts.

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