Monday, April 3, 2017

Carolina/Gonzaga. Early take

As this is written, it is now halftime of the national championship game and Gonzaga leads North Carolina 35-32.

Given his size, height (7' 1"), and combination of power and finesse, the Zags' Przemek Karnowski is a superior player to Carolina's Kennedy Meeks.

And Gonzaga's Nigel Williams-Goss is arguably the best all-around point guard in the nation.

But the Heels have too many board-crashing bigs and a deeper line-up of thoroughbreds.

As much as it would be great to see tiny little Gonzaga of the northwest knock off the behemoth that is always UNC, methinks the Heels will wear them out in the latter stages of the second half to avenge the last-second loss of last year at the hands of Villanova.

We'll see.....


  1. Your post turned out to be prophetic. Not bad for an old fart.

  2. Yeah, well, prophetic beats the heck out of pathetic, which is what most of my predictions turn out to be. Evidently the blind squirrel and the acorn bit still happens once in a while. LOL.

    1. And BTW, that's MISTER old fart to you. LOL