Sunday, April 30, 2017

Doc Rivers. Time to go

Once again the LA Clippers got bounced out of the playoffs early. This time the Utah Jazz zapped them, including winning two games on the Clips' home court, especially the deciding Game 7.

The Clippers are the best team in their own building, due to the fact the Lakers have become absolutely pitiful of late, but not much else.

Remember a few years ago when Steve Ballmer paid a whopping 2 BILLION for this team -- that was likely only worth half that -- at most? Somewhere former owner Donald Sterling likely still chuckles. Geez, twist his arm and make him sell. It's turned out to be laughable indeed, if you're a member of the Sterling family that stands to inherit such a huge pile of dough. Oh yeah Commish Adam Silver, aka Mr. Peanut, really taught HIM a lesson. LOL

So what did Ballmer do right off the bat? Sign Glenn "Doc" Rivers to a contract that was even more ridiculous than what he had paid for the team. Over 50 million bucks for five years.

And how has the good Doctor delivered? The short answer is -- he hasn't. Despite all the "talent" they supposedly have, the Clips haven't even made it out of the second round of the playoffs under his guidance, let alone get to and/or win a championship series.

Further, the Clippers are the only team in NBA history to have blown playoff series' leads 5 years in a row. They get ahead, then fold.

Some of the players, notably Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan, have made a lot of moronic TV commercials hawking whatever product. But they can't seem to win anything of note on the court.

Thing is, Rivers still has two years remaining on his contract. Whether he coaches or not, Ballmer has to cough up big money to him.

True, Doc had some success in Boston, even winning a championship. But he's been a totally overrated failure since he went west to the Clips.

Also likely true is Charles Barkley has been right all along. He once famously stated that if your best player (in this case Chris Paul) is only 6 foot tall, you are NEVER going to win a championship. Forget it, ain't happening.

There's no disputing the western conference of the NBA has become brutal in recent years. The Golden State Warriors are indeed all that. San Antonio under the tutelage of Coach Pop continues to remain a force. And the Houston Rockets ain't too shabby either. Since the Okla City Thunder let James Hardin get away to Houston, and recently Kevin Durant to the Warriors, super-Russ Westbrook can put up all the triple-doubles he wants, but they're not going far either. One trick ponies just won't get it done in the playoffs.

So yes, the competition in the west is ferocious. But that doesn't give Doc Rivers a pass either.

He's had his chance, and has now, with the latest debacle of falling to the Jazz in the opening round, shown he has outlived his usefulness in Clip-land. And it's not like Ballmer can't afford to eat the remainder of his contract.

Doctors have a shelf life too. Doctor Joyce Brothers came and went. So did Doctor Ruth. Doc Severinson blew his trumpet for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, but was finally broomed. Doctor Phil remains his patronizing self offering advice to others. Doc Holliday had his days with the Earp brothers in the old west, and the showdown at OK corral. His day job was being a dentist.

Now this is the "new" west. The Clips aren't getting better, but WORSE, despite the outrageous salaries they have conferred on players that can't deliver in clutch time.  And expecting the Clippers under Doc Rivers to ever get over the hump is like imagining Doc Holliday pulling teeth in the old days. With no anesthetic or numbing shots available, that had to be painful to undergo, and even to watch. Such are the Clips, live and in person, year after year.

Who could replace Rivers? Who cares? Pick a hot-shot college coach like the Celtics did in Brad Stevens once they were shed of Rivers. They seem to be doing just fine and are definitely on the rise.

But there can be no mistake.

It is definitely time for the not-so-good Doc dude to get the boot as Clippers coach.

Enough is enough.

As they say, this just isn't working out.....

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