Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jabrill Peppers and the drug tests

Uh oh, on the eve of the NFL draft, Michigan player Jabrill Peppers has tested "positive". Per their usual hysterical ways, the talking heads are up in arms over such a drastic development. Holy A-Rod, run up the red flags, form a Senate sub-committee to study the matter, and put all the NFL draft rooms on DefCon 1 status. This is some very serious stuff. Or is it?

A logical question might seem to be -- just WHAT, pray tell, did he test positive for?

Could it be alcohol? Weed? Cocaine? Crack? Meth?  PCP?  LSD? Roids? Human growth hormone?

Turns out, it was none of the above. Oh no. Peppers got on the drug police radar, and will have to enter the dreaded "program", because he submitted a diluted urine sample. A guy that drank too much water, which most every medical professional would recommend to keep an athlete hydrated during intense workouts, or flushing his system recovering from an illness, is now perceived to be some kind of shady character. Horrors!! He could use such a nefarious tactic to "mask" other drug abuse. So sayeth the substance abuse police. Good grief.

In other words, he tested positive for being overly negative. When a guy gets slammed as guilty for being too innocent, the current drug testing protocol is definitely out of control.

Here's an idea. Create a panel of at least semi-sane people to drug test the sadistic lunatics that keep coming up with these insane "heads you lose, tails you lose even worse" rules and regulations. And put THEM in a program. One can't fault the talking heads. After all, they just sensationalize any little thing they can get hold of, until the next "big scoop" comes around in a day or two. Tis merely the nature of the ignorant beasts.

Consuming too much water will get a guy busted these days? REALLY???

On the other hand, perhaps we should be thankful dear Jabrill didn't test positive for something else. Like a pregnancy exam.

Now THAT would have been big news. Especially if Caitlyn was the father. Pretty good thoroughbred athletic blood lines for the kid, but good luck with the little tyke trying to sort THAT out as he/she/it made its way through school growing up. Oh yeah, it could be worse -- a LOT worse.

In other news, the Golden State Warriors seem to be back on another roll. They easily dispatched the Portland Trail Blazers in a four game sweep. But they also showed a disgusting lack of class during the closing game -- in Portland.

Already ahead by 25 points or so with the game hopelessly out of reach, some on the Warriors bench reverted back to primal mode. They were jumping up and down and screeching like chimpanzees on 'roids celebrating a teammate's dunk. This is blatant "rubbing it in your face" stuff, and there is never a need -- or place for it.

They could have acted like the so-called professionals they are, and merely went about their business eliminating an inferior team. But no, they had to get stupid about it.

Well OK. They likely just made 20,000 or so lifetime enemies of those that were in attendance in the Portland arena, and it was all totally unnecessary.

It is curious to note this debacle happened in the first game GS head coach Steve Kerr was out with on-going back problems. Would Kerr have tolerated such a display of blatant childishness? Probably not. But he was replaced by one Mike Brown, an assistant.

Let's not forget this was the same Mike Brown that got ran out of Cleveland a few years ago when he couldn't deliver a championship. Then went to the LA Lakers as head coach, and was quickly fired from there as well. Back to Cleveland for another go-round. Yep, broomed again for incompetence.

And now he's the #2 man on the bench at Golden State? What could their front office POSSIBLY have been thinking by hiring this proven loser?

Maybe somebody should drug test THEM. Or HIM, for allowing the players to act in such a way.

Talk about out of control.....

Couldn't hurt.....

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