Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Detroit Tigers trade prospects

OK, the very good hitting, but poor fielding JD Martinez is already gone to Arizona for handful of the proverbial "prospects".

Once again, former ace Justin Verlander took the mound, and pitched fairly well, but couldn't close the deal against the KC Royals. Well over the halfway point of the season, the Fastball Flakes man has a pedestrian 5-7 record. Besides, with three mega-cha-ching years left on his contract, he's not likely to gather much interest from other teams.

Southpaw reliever Justin Wilson's stock was riding high, and he might have been worth a player/prospect or three. But he entered the same game against the Royals with a 3-2 lead, and not only blew the save, but lost the game in the bottom of the ninth (4-3). His market value just took a major hit in the eyes of general managers elsewhere around the league, who were no doubt watching.

Third baseman Nick Castellanos? Forget about it. Who wants a .250 hitter that is terrible fielding his position?

Designated hitter Victor Martinez is now 38 years old. Can anybody even remember if and when he was capable of playing a position -- any position? Besides being slower than a tortoise on the base pathes, his hitting has dropped off as well. The Tigers are stuck with him.

Former Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera is showing the effects Father Time takes. Never much defensively, he appears to be on the back side of his career bell curve as well. Throw in a Verlander-esque contract to boot, and he's not going anywhere.

Lately Cabrera has mouthed off about the political situation in his native Venezuela. He needs to shut up about that. Good grief, he's become a multi-multi-multi millionaire playing a game in America, and shouldn't that be enough? If he wants to make a difference in his native country, here's an idea -- quit playing baseball and move back. Otherwise, zip it. Nobody cares.

Manager Brad Ausmus, on the last year of his contract, his become the lamest of lame ducks. Is it his fault the Tigers have so far stunk it up this year? Probably not. That rests with GM Al Avila, who is and has been the player procurer. Ausmus can only put them out there and hope they perform to the best of their abilities -- which hasn't been much. But he'll take the fall. No way will he be back for another season.

It must be nice to be Alex Avila. Once a Tiger, then shipped out, and now a Tiger again. Life can be good when your dad is the GM. A little nepotism anyone?

Thing is, as underwhelming as the Tigers have been this year, things are shaping up to be much worse in the near future. This team has too many oldsters, is WAY too heavy with contract obligations, and looted their farm system trying to get over the hump in recent years -- which they never quite made.

The piper has finally come-a-calling. This could get seriously ugly for the next few years......

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