Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kyrie Irving is-----

Actually, a lot of things. A great basketball player to be sure.

But also start checking several boxes when it comes to being injury-prone. A finger problem. A bad toe. A broken hand after a moment of stupidity. How about a cheek bone? Let's add a bum knee.

Yep, Kyrie's gone through more than his fair share of medical specialists along the way.

He's also been very fortunate.

Irving wound up at Duke for his freshman college year. Few would doubt Coach K and the university itself are among the elite in the world of college sports. Academic standards have always been high. With the exception of the boys' lacrosse team being wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct a while back -- which was proven to be nothing more than a cruel hoax perpetrated by an incompetent prosecutor and a lying "victim" looking for her 15 minutes and a cha-ching, the Dukies are pretty much squeaky clean when it comes to the world of ethics. You just don't hear about one of Coach K's boys getting in trouble.

But being a typical "one and doner", Irving declared for the NBA draft after one year in Durham. OK, that was his option.

Then he was lucky enough to get picked by the Cleveland Cavaliers. It could just as easily have been a sad sack team, like Charlotte, Detroit, Sacramento, and a few other back-water places few NBAers really want to go to.

In an incredible stroke of fortune, guess who was on the way to Cleveland as well in the near future? That Lebron guy, and Kevin Love, along with a really good cast of supporting players.

Two years ago, Kyrie Irving was part of an NBA championship team, when the Cavs upset the highly favored Warriors of Golden State. Irving doesn't get that ring without the mega-help that the Cavs had enlisted to play on the same team with him.

Meanwhile, Kyrie's been cruising along making 16, 17, 18, and it will keep going up to 19 and 20 million bucks a year for playing hoops. Throw in endorsements, and it's likely twice that amount. First class airfare, staying in 5 star hotels on the road, limos -- it's all part of the package.

In short, Kyrie has led a blessed life indeed to date. He's also been a "star" player wherever he's gone from high school, college, playing in the Olympics for team USA, etc.

Yep, most would consider this living in the lap of luxury. It surely beats the heck out of pumping septic tanks, super-sizing customers at a fast food drive through window, or being on the road-kill clean-up crew for a local government entity somewhere -- which is about all his "formal" education would otherwise get him.

But now Kyrie has a problem. Playing on a pro team making huge bucks that made the NBA Finals the last three years in a row isn't good enough.

He wants to be more of a "focal point". So he went to Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert and asked to be traded. Incredibly, though he has no say-so whatsoever in such a thing, dear Kyrie even listed the teams he would "settle" for. The Cavs, of course, are under no obligation to do anything. Irving's still under contract to them. And even if they trade him, it could be to ANY team -- see some of the not-so-good possible destinations listed above.

To sum up, most of the media, per their usual politically correct ways, have somehow decreed that the fault lies anywhere but with Kyrie. They'll go on and on trying to blame somebody else for the friction and/or dissatisfaction that has settled in with Irving and the Cavs.

They are wrong. It is entirely of Kyrie Irving's own selfish doings and sense of entitlement.

All his life he's been treated like a king, and paid accordingly, because he can dribble and shoot a basketball.

And now he wants even more.

Indeed, opinions are in no short supply as to how this could have happened to poor dear misunderstood Kyrie.

Your truly has one of his own.

Can you spell.....


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