Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Having Justin Verlander for breakfast

It seems the ace pitcher of the Detroit Tigers has just come out with a new breakfast cereal. It features Verlander's picture on the box and the product is called "Fastball Flakes".

Ya know.....if you kick back and think about that for a second -- it could be perceived in a couple different ways.........

Here's hoping it works out well for JV but, either way, I'm pretty sure Tony the (other) Tiger, with his Frosted Flakes, won't be getting too worked up about the competition anytime soon.


  1. Tony won't get too worked up, but Justin has given us another reason to be proud of him. All of the proceeds he would receive from this venture are going to VA hospitals. I for one will abandon Tony and start buying the Fastball Flakes.

  2. Anon. Agreed. I didn't hear about where the proceeds were going until after I wrote the mini-article. JV should absolutely be commended for that. Not sure if I'll try the product, tho. Was never much into cereal. My usual breakfast is sipping a can of V8. Add a splash of lemon juice, a dash of pepper, a triple shot of Jackie D, and I'm ready to face the day. What? You think a sober person could write this nonsense? Have a great day and thanks for commenting.

  3. If you're saying that somebody thinks Verlander is a flake that throws fastballs, JackD doen't make you that flakey. How did you pass the drug test?

  4. I vaguely remember that test. It was easy. I just outsmoked everybody else in the class. Graduated Magna Cum Munchies. Hope that clears it up. Have a good one.