Friday, February 3, 2012

Really bad boys

I'd heard the Detroit Pistons weren't very good, and their record so far this year would certainly seem to reflect that. But I hadn't really checked them out -- until last night when they played the Milwaukee Bucks.

These are not the Bad Boys. It's way past that. They're terrible.

Of course, George Blah Blah, their announcer, will rant, rave, and scream about any rare perceived highlight -- but he gets paid to be a "homer". I get that.

I could only stand to watch it for so long, so I never did see who his sidekick was, but it sounded a lot like Greg Kelser, the ex-MSU star hoopster turned broadcaster wannabe. Whoever it was said the Pistons were playing good defense. Defense? WHAT defense? The Bucks were getting wide open shots time after time, but they just couldn't "knock them down".

Idle thought.... Maybe that's where the term "buckshot" comes from. You just shoot it out there and hope it hits something.

At any rate, the Pistons weren't any better. Give a contractor the same number of "bricks" those 2 teams threw up (which I was getting close to doing) and he'll build you a tornado-proof house.

The Pistons are bad. Really bad. Yeah, they have a couple guys that are hurt, but they're not difference makers either.

Forget college teams. I'm thinking Dan Fife's boys from Clarkston would give the Pistons all they could handle. At least the Wolves understand discipline, team play, defense, and hit open shots.

OK, Mr.Tom Gores, new owner, you wanted this so bad. You got it. Now it appears you couldn't fill your own arena (the Palace) if admission was free and you were standing at the turnstiles handing out C-notes.

That's how bad your team is. Maybe former owner Bill Davidson's widow Karen, who inherited all this, then peddled you the bill of goods, wasn't such a dumb broad after all, eh?

Funny how something called Platinum Equity made you rich, but now you've traded it in for tin.

Joe Dumars? He's a terrific man, but c'mon. Look at what has become of this team under his watch over the last several years. It's time.

Most importantly, change DTE back to Pine Knob, allow the coolers again, and maybe the basketball gods will smile upon you. I know the concert-goers would. Seems to me the attendance is down there too.

After all, at this point, what do you have to lose?


  1. Wow. It seems that your wrath is aimed at anyone with a lot of money. You even manage to rail at Martha Stewart. Logic and John are mutually exclusive.

  2. Dear anonymous. It's never been about the money. What? You didn't know I was filthy rich? Some old dude named Warren slices the meat at my in-house Buffet. Yeah, that kind of rich. Agreed on the mutually exclusive thing. It's more fun that way. BTW, the Martha Stewart bit was only a spoof. Might I suggest you relax and have a can of peas? Thanks for commenting.