Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Party on Rob Gronkowski

Some people are criticizing Rob Gronkowski, the All-World tight end of the New England Patriots, for dancing at a club shortly after his team lost the Super Bowl. How could he possibly be dancing after such a heart-breaking loss, they ask.

Well, what is the man supposed to do?

Sob uncontrollably in front of the TV cameras?

Go meditate on top of a mountain in Tibet for a few months begging for forgiveness from a higher power?

Here's a weird thought. How about considering that he might be just a man. One hell of a football player that gave it all he had, but he and his team came up short in the Super Bowl. Yet, in the end, still a man.

Others chime in with such inane comments as, "I thought his ankle was hurt. Didn't look like it on the dance floor". For anyone to equate playing in an NFL game to dancing only shows their ignorance. It's one thing to tango, rumba, and whatever the night away, but I dare say most of them have never experienced engaging a rushing defensive end, going head-to-head with a linebacker, or catching a football in full stride when a hard-charging safety has every intent of knocking them into nowhere land a millisecond after the ball gets there. The 2-step is a great dance in a club, but sometimes after catching the football in the NFL, a guy only gets one. Then he finds himself looking out of the earhole of his helmet wondering what just hit him. Just a slight difference.

At that, Gronkowski suited up for the game, and while he gave it all he had, it was obvious he wasn't at 100%. Playing through injuries in the NFL happens all the time. Players attempt to get through it and do the best they can, but few of the ever-present critics seem to realize, or care, how tough that really is on them, much less what they go through after the game is over.

Compared to that, dancing in a club is probably like re-hab for an ankle injury.

Party on Rob, and see you next year.

Besides, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't meet too many pretty girls on mountaintops.


  1. I don't believe it. I agree with everything you wrote. I better go take my meds. Have a good day, John.

  2. Anonymous. Yeah, I luck up and get one right every once in a while. Kind of like the blind squirrel and acorn thing. Maybe you and I should switch places. You write this junk and I'll take the meds. Never know. lol Thanks for commenting and have a great day.