Thursday, March 1, 2012

Danica, sexy, and the Princess

During a press conference, Danica Patrick said she wanted the reporters to come up with another word for her besides "sexy".  It seems a TV news guy in San Diego obliged her, though probably not exactly what she had in mind. "I can come up with another word for her. It starts with a B, and it's not beautiful", he stated. That little jewel earned him a 2-week suspension without pay. That was out of line. He's since apologized, of course but, like they say, it's pretty tough to unring a bell.

Getting back to Danica herself, it becomes hard to figure out just what she wants. Certainly, she's a world famous race car driver, and wants to excel at her profession, like any other athlete would. Few would question she's also a very attractive woman in a male dominated sport.

By Danica's own words, she doesn't want to be referred to as "sexy" when she's wearing her race suit. Well OK. But then again, when she's doing all those TV ad spots for various products, looking really hot in quite different outfits, she likely doesn't want people to think of her as a race car driver. Is this an "eat your cake and have it too" scenario? Some would think so, but I disagree.

As a beautiful woman that just happens to be a race car driver, or vice versa, she should be able to have it both ways. BUT -- she also needs to come to grips with the facts that a high percentage of race fans are men, and an overwhelmingly majority of those drawn to beautiful women also possess that pesky Y chromosome. If Danica thinks all of her male fans should be able to differentiate between her racing and her looks, like apples and oranges, she's kidding herself. It may not be right, but the lines will be blurred, and that's just the way it is.

Recently, I received a communication from a lady that goes by the screen name Princess. Perhaps she put it best --

 This time, Danica, honey, suck it up.
 You are attractive, fit and yes sexy, so use it to your advantage. We
 all know you can drive that car, but do you think if you were male and
 was in the middle of the pack, anyone would care. NOT!! Sex sells
 honey, and if you have to put up with a bit of what you think is trash
 talk, then do it. These guys will make you millions. 

Far be it from me to argue with royalty.



  1. Good thought John, not to argue with me I mean. I do think the TV news guy was out of line, those are the kinds of things you think about the people you interview but leave unsaid. However, you are absolutly correct, the Go Daddy adds are right next to X rated, and how about the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Neither of these would exist if she really was not trying to look or act Sexy. So Danica Honey, stop expecting everyone not to mention the fact that you are attractive, sexy, fit and downright HOT, enjoy the attention and compliments. The Princess

  2. When dealing with royalty and their whimsical ways, one never knows when the executioner may be summoned. I guess that means my head will remain attached to my shoulders for another day -- or at least until the next blog post. Whew. That was a close one. LOL