Friday, July 13, 2012

The US Olympic Team. Made in China?

At least their uniforms are, and that is just ridiculous. I have but one question -- what in the hell is going on here?

Millions on top of more millions are donated and spent on the Olympic team. Consider all the sports and/or events involved. Further consider all the top-flight sporting equipment that is provided as the athletes train. Javelins, basketballs, pole vaulting sticks -- you name it -- is Grade A. Throw in 5-star training facilities. Add plane fares, bus rides, motels, meals, on and on, and the total cost of financing the Olympic team might be enough to cure world hunger for a few years. Whatever it is -- it's a lot.

Then some genius decides to save a few bucks, while slapping the collective nation in the face, by outsourcing the manufacture of the teams' uniforms to China? This is an outrage.

Justifiably coming under attack for such a bone-headed blunder, the US Olympic Committee defended itself by saying they commissioned world famous Ralph Lauren to design the uniforms. This from a USOC spokesman named Pat Sandusky, who denied any wrong doing. Hmm. Somebody named Sandusky claiming nothing is amiss. Somehow that sounds familiar.

Idle thought. Just how much of Lauren's stuff is made in China anyway? Maybe those people paying big bucks for his outfits should start checking the fine print on the labels.

Who knows what else might have happened over the years that was never noticed?

One of America's proudest moments was when Team USA beat the might Soviet Red Army team in ice hockey on American soil back in 1980. It was called the "miracle on ice". They would go on to win their gold medals. Fast forward 12 years to 1992, the year of the original Dream Team in basketball. All those professional superstars were proud to wear the uniforms of the USA while representing their country. They would romp to their own gold medals.

Were either of those squads wearing uniforms made in China? How about all the others in between and since? Again, who knows?

While we're on the subject, maybe all the Olympic athletes over the last few decades should look closely at the back of their medals. Wouldn't it be something if they were made in China too?

Perhaps the Senate should hold special hearings on these matters. Turn an army of federal prosecutors loose to beat the bushes for culprits at tax payer expense. Lord knows, they've done dumber things. See Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, etc.

Then again, the current Olympic uniforms being made in China accomplished some extraordinary.

When it came to light, neither the Democrats nor Republicans liked it one bit. Does that mean they actually, gasp, agreed on something?

Amazing. Maybe we should do this more often.


  1. Hey John, while I agree with your assessment 100%, I have a small bone to pick with this whole China uniform thing. I don't think any congressman, senator or any other self-serving political figure should make a comment. Since the Olympic Teams are supported solely through private or corporate sponsorships and NOT the government, to have any politician fake disapproval is a slap in the face of every Olympian. They just wanted to make a show for their voters. They are all a bunch of hypocrites. Go U.S.A.

  2. Brian. I couldn't agree more, but as we both know, pols of every stripe will jump in wherever and whenever the opportunity for a little pub presents itself. The nature of the shameless beast. Good point about them faking disapproval. They could probably care less. The usual dog and pony show, especially in an election year. Been back to the coney joint lately to check out the "scenery"? LOL Thanks for commenting and have a good one.