Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ray Lewis and PEDs

So where does this nonsense end anyway? Now they're saying Ray Lewis supposedly ingested a banned substance. Deer antler extract, of all things. Are we testing for that these days? Please. I mean, c'mon, Lewis has what -- 6 kids by 4 different women? One would think the ruttin' buck theory regarding Mr. Lewis had already been firmly established.

Sure, the media continues to be on their never-ending quest to dig up dirt wherever and whenever they can, but in this case it would seem to be pointless. Even if it's true, just what, pray tell, is to be done about it?

It's now 4 days before the Super Bowl. Even if the NFL thought there was enough evidence of wrong-doing on Lewis' part to warrant a suspension, Lewis would certainly appeal it and be allowed to play in the Super Bowl anyway before a final decision was rendered. That could take months. Remember how long "Bountygate" dragged on and on?

To boot, Lewis has already announced he's going to retire after this season. So win or lose the Super Bowl, wouldn't it seem rather stupid to suspend a player that has no intention of playing anymore anyway? Hello?

This whole PED thing is getting out of control. Deer antler extract indeed. What's next? Will essence of porcupine urine become the next, groan, thorny issue? And who cares? If that's what they want to do, then let them have at it. Historically, there's always been a lot of "foreign substances" involved in the NFL. Greenies, other uppers, cortisone shots, pain killers, you name it. Anything to get the max performance on game day. And now deer antler extract is a big deal? Gimme a break.

Of course, when confronted on camera with possibly using a banned substance, Lewis said he wouldn't even justify such an accusation with an answer. His team, the Baltimore Ravens, immediately issued a statement saying Lewis had never failed a drug test in all his years of competition. Hmmm. Where have we heard that before? I wonder if Oprah is lining up another exclusive interview behind the scenes right now. Nah, it couldn't be -- could it?

That leaves the hypocrisy factor, which always seems to be close by in such instances. It's no big secret Ray Lewis has aspirations of becoming a football "analyst" on TV after he hangs up his cleats. If and when that happens, he'll likely have no qualms about dissecting other players for possible wrong-doing. But right now, while it's him, he doesn't want to talk about it. Something's wrong with that picture.

And the game goes on -- such as it is......

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