Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LA Clippers sold. OF COURSE

The sale of the LA Clippers has just been finalized. The NBA's board of governors (see other owners) fast-tracked this deal. Well, OF COURSE they did. If the Clippers, who have never won anything, are worth $2 billion on the open market, the values of the other franchises just went through the roof as well.

Meanwhile, former (for the time being, pending appeals) owner Donald Sterling is suing the NBA, and the league is suing him right back. Well, OF COURSE they are. This is what happens when a billionaire doesn't get his way and a rookie commissioner is trying to establish his authority. Between Sterling and Adam Silver, a case could be made they deserve each other.

Tom Watson, captain of the US Ryder Cup golf team, finds himself on the hot seat. Should he use one of his captain's picks to select Tiger Woods, even though Tiger can't seem to stay healthy and has been stinking it up on the courses when he is? Well, OF COURSE he will. Tigermania, however currently misguided, is still rampant amongst the media and his legions of groupies. While he's at it, perhaps Watson should pick Jack Nicklaus as well. If it's about former greatness -- then why not?

The Cleveland Browns recently brought in QB Rex Grossman to fill a back-up role. Well, OF COURSE they did. Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer are slugging it out for the starting job, and somebody's going to be "disgruntled" when they lose that battle. I smell potential trade bait. Might as well have a decent back-up that would be happy to fill the role.

After Indiana Pacer forward Paul George suffered a broken leg, team president Larry Bird said he could not be replaced. Well, OF COURSE he can. Somebody will fill that roster spot, unless Bird plans on his team playing a man short all year. Please.

Hoops fans are supposed to care whether Lebron James' or Carmelo Anthony's off-season weight loss was more impressive? Pretty please. Melo can throw up his 30 points a game, but as long as he's with the Knicks, OF COURSE he has no chance at a championship. Meanwhile, how good the Cleveland Cavaliers will be remains to be seen. New Lebron, new Kevin Love, new coach, new chemistry -- we'll see. They might even compete for the Eastern Conference title. But could they survive in the Finals against whoever comes out of the wild, and vastly superior West? OF COURSE, hmm, probably not. Something about Lebron being on a mission is difficult to totally discount.

Idle thought: I wonder if Jim Leyland, former manager of the Tigers, a Pittsburgh native, and former manager of the Pirates as well, was on hand to watch the Pirates demolish the Tigers in their short series. OF COURSE he was. What else does he have to to these days?

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