Friday, June 10, 2016

Bieber, Mickelson, Lebron, and Ali

Bieber was slugging it out with a guy twice his size in a nightclub? How stupid is that? I mean, what's next? Hillary pole-dancing at a gay bar? That's a thought worthy of nightmares. Besides, most everybody is at least twice Bieber's size. The skinny little runt needs to chill before somebody clocks him good and proper. If he just HAS to show his alpha male side -- here's an idea.......  Set up a cage match with one of the descendants from the munchkins of Wizard of Oz fame. At least it would be a fair fight.

After beaning a spectator with (another) errant shot, Phil Mickelson had the gall to tell to the victim if his head was a little softer the golf ball might have wound up in the fairway? Really? If I'm the guy that got bopped in the head, this is what I would have said...... take your pick.

1) Yeah, and if you (Phil) didn't always and still have a case of the yips on short putts, your trophy case might be a lot fuller.
2) See this knot on my head, wise guy? How about I put one on yours the old fashioned way?
3) Everybody except you has always known you swinging a driver is as dangerous as a North Korean missile launch. Nobody's knows where the hell it's going, but it's got to land somewhere.
4) You knock me into next week and all I get is a stupid golf glove? Hey, you're a millionaire countless times over. Cut me a check for ten grand to cover my pain and suffering and we'll call it a day. It's chump change to you, but don't add insult to injury by giving me a trivial accessory you got for free in the first place.
5) Given your dorky smile and wimpy swings, you wouldn't happen to have a little brother named Bieber, would you?

Lebron James is certainly a lot of things, not the least being a terrific basketball player. But he recently showed another side. When desperate, he can become dirty. In the recently concluded game, which he and the Cavaliers would lose to the GS Warriors, James found himself in the unenviable position of looking at defeat at home for the first time in the playoffs. And he played dirty cheap shot basketball.

James knew full well GS player Draymond Green is perilously close to a one game suspension due to his own antics in the past. So LJ got physical (and vocal) with DG and tried to taunt him into retaliation. It didn't work. DG wisely walked away. In the closing seconds, when defeat was imminent, LJ did the same thing to Steph Curry. Bump him, shove him, put him on the floor, then get in his face hoping for a reaction. That didn't work either, as SC maintained professional decor. But for all the "nice guy" image Lebron James has built up over the years, it showed he has a dark side as well. It was not only dirty play, but dumb things to do. Blatantly fouling the best free throw shooter in the league when the game is already lost? How stupid was that?

Muhammad Ali has finally been put to rest. Yet one inconsistency has flown under the radar. The former Cassius Clay converted to Islam a half century ago. For eons, it has long been the practice of Muslims and their Semitic Jewish brethren -- yes, they come from the same roots -- to bury their dead as quickly as possible. Typically within 24 hours. It has long been a part of both faiths, and they are certainly entitled to believe what they will regarding the "after life". Apparently, it is paramount to return the body (and soul) to the Almighty without delay.

But it didn't happen that way with Ali. He was kept "on ice" for several days, and then his mortal remains were paraded through his home town for hours. Nineteen miles worth at walking speed so his adoring fans could pay their respects. That's fine, but also a blatant contradiction of the faith he professed to believe in. Are we to believe long held religious practices should grant exemptions because a man was rich, famous, and boxed for a living instead of being a "commoner"? May he rest in peace, but the entire spectacle seemed to smack of hypocrisy in the whole scheme of things.

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