Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cleveland. Cool or not?

No doubt about it. Cleveland is the home of the NBA champions. That's pretty cool. Owner Dan Gilbert is living large these days.

The Quicken Loans PGA tournament is currently going on. Gilbert is the CEO and head bottle washer of that outfit as well.

So how come his company's tourney is being played in Maryland? Don't they have any worthy courses in the Cleveland area? Maybe not so cool.

The Big Easy (no, not a Kardashian), sometimes known as Ernie Els, made an astounding golf shot on Saturday. The South African drilled a nine iron from the fairway into the hole on a par 4 for eagle. True, eagles on the PGA tour aren't exactly as rare as an honest politician. They happen all the time, especially on par 5s. So does the occasional hole-in one. But this particular shot was unique. It landed in the cup on the fly. No bounces or rolling across the green. Just clank, a slam dunk. When's the last time you saw that happen? Ever? Definitely cool, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy and finer gentleman.

Some soccer player got red-carded, as in ejected, for too much flatulence on the field? They have rules against farting in futbol? Really? Sure, it's supposed to be a gentlemen's game, sort of, but c'mon. If somebody's all gassed up, it's got to be vented eventually. And what's the harm? These guys are running around on a playing surface larger than a football field -- in open air stadiums. Some official gives a guy the boot because he ripped off a few beauties?

One thing's for sure. This could only happen to a male player. As we all know, females never do such a thing. Just recently have they admitted to actually sweating under extreme circumstances.

Nonetheless, definitely not cool, but laughable.

In just a few weeks, Cleveland will rock again when the Republican national convention comes to town. Some guy named Trump is supposed to be nominated for President amidst much fanfare. This is very cool for some people, but not so cool to others. Let's just say the opinion of the general populace remains hugely divided. There's lovers and haters on both sides, with not a whole lot of objective people in between.

The parade and aftermath to celebrate the Cavaliers' world championship went well in Cleveland. Nary a report of mass civil unrest, as in natives rioting, looting, and setting things on fire for no apparent reason.

Let's hope the same will be said of the convention when it's all over. Cleveland's on a roll. It would be a shame to see them take a huge step backwards by running amok in the streets over a mere nominating process. And the convention will pour countless more needed millions into the local economy when the politicos and high-rollers hit town. Cleveland's cool right now. That would be no time to screw it up.

Even the Cleveland Indians are leading their division in the American League. After faltering against the KC Royals, the Tribe has come back to sweep series' from the White Sox, Tampa Bay, and are currently trashing the Detroit Tigers. A winning streak of 8 in a row. Put another notch in the cool column for Cleveland.

Alas, they don't have an NHL team and not much is expected out of their NFL Browns again this season. But you never know.

How cool would it be if the Browns shocked the world and marched on to the Super Bowl? Impossible, you say? Hah. Nothing's impossible. Two years ago, who would have thought the Cavs had a prayer of being NBA champions? Or some guy named Trump emerging as the Republican Presidential nominee?

If the Donald is as smart as he says he is, there's only one thing for him to do. Name Lebron as his VP running mate. How cool would THAT be? Talk about shocking the political world. Hillary would quiver in fear.

Of course, between Trump and James, there could only be one King if the ticket was to be victorious. That could be problematical. But hey, they'd sort it out. Maybe.

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