Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Is Lebron the greatest?

The discussion is raging on again about who's the greatest of all time (GOAT). Lebron James certainly deserves a place in the room.

His soon to be coronation in Cleveland for finally bringing a sports championship to a city that hasn't experienced one in over half a century is a worthy achievement indeed. After winning a couple titles with the Miami Heat, almost mercenary in nature, Lebron Raymone went home on a mission. And he pulled it off. All hail the Cleveland Cavaliers, 2016 NBA champions. Let the parade begin and let's hope the Cav faithful don't burn down what's left of the city in their exuberance.

[Why people celebrating a joyful event sometimes trash their own neighborhoods would seem to be a very good question.]

Uh oh. Time out. What's that? Goldie Hawn was flaunting her 70 year old body on a nude beach? Yikes. What could possibly be next? The Donald and the Hill doing a naked tag team pole dance at a joint fund-raiser? Heaven forbid. Brrr.

Lebron being offered up as the possible GOAT hoopster is a compelling argument. The dude seems to have it all, and can do it all.

At six foot eight and musclebound he presents an imposing physical presence. More importantly, James can not only shoot with the best of them, but ball handle, play tenacious defense, pass, rebound, and take over a game all by himself at times.

Everything Michael Jordan could ever do -- Lebron can do better. Kareem had his sky hook and Magic was flashier on a "showtime team". Bird was a more cerebral player that could pass, rebound, and shoot the lights out as well. Shaq and Wilt were just huge bodies that could push other players around to have their ways -- neither particularly skilled. Bill Russell won a bunch of championships with the Celtics of yesteryear, but one must remember back in those days there was only a handful of NBA teams -- none west of the Mississippi. Kind of like the NHL's "original six" when the late Gordie Howe was racking up so many stats.

Who else might be in the room? Oscar Robertson? He was a wonderfully talented player but does anybody really think he was better all-around than Lebron James? It's not even a close call.

So now that he's reached his crowning achievement by bringing a championship to Cleveland, what might James consider as his next mountain to climb? Keep playing for the Cavs and hope for a repeat, three-peat, etc.? Definitely a possibility. But he's happily married with young kids and has countless millions in the bank on top of all the hardware he's earned playing basketball. It would be hard to top what he and the Cavs pulled off this year, coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals to dethrone the Golden State Warriors. If he retired tomorrow, the Hall of Fame would await him when he became eligible, and likely by unanimous ballot.

In Ohio, James is revered as almost god-like. In a way it's ironic. When he left the Cavs years ago to "take his talents to South Beach" in quest of a ring or five, Lebron was considered a traitorous scumbag and Clevelandites burned his image and uniforms in effigy. Fast forward to the present and Buckeye nation has gone from one extreme to the other. Such is the nature of the ignorant masses. They'll love or hate anybody depending on what they've done for them lately. The NBA title certainly swayed a lot of opinions in the other direction.

But what would happen if James decided to get into politics? Would anybody-- Democrat or Republican -- have a chance at winning an election if Lebron James was running for the seat -- even incumbents? Likely not. You think governor John Kasich got bombed in the Presidential primaries? It would pale in comparison to the landslide that would happen if James decided to run for Guv.

At age 31, James isn't old enough yet to qualify as a Presidential candidate. One must be at least 35.

One way or the other, it appears the Donald or the Hillary will be #45. And who knows? Either one could screw it up and be vulnerable to get knocked off in 2020. At that point Lebron Raymone James would have attained the age threshold -- barely.

Hey, he's already called the King. Why not shoot for Prez? If some community organizer out of Chicago could pull off a successful run to the White House, why not a hoops star? Good grief, Americans have elected a crook, an actor, a peanut farmer, a wimp, and an idiot to lead them in recent decades.

President James. It has a nice ring to it. Maybe the Secret Service would call him by the code name of Slam Man, or Dunk Dude -- possibly even the above mentioned GOAT. Enlist Oprah as his running mate for the female vote, and it would be an unstoppable ticket.

One thing for sure. He'd finally get his throne back from ESPN's Scott Van Pelt, who swiped it a few years ago in a TV commercial........

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