Friday, January 14, 2011

Rip Hamilton exposed

Richard Hamilton of the Pistons recently got benched. Was it lack of productivity on the court, keeping him healthy for a possible trade, or something else? Beats me, but a lot of folks have been saying he got disrespected by not being allowed to play. For all those people, I have 2 words. Shut up.
This is a guy, at age 32, that's made well over ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollars, and counting, to play pro basketball for 11 years. To put that in perspective, that's probably more than your grandparents, your parents, you, spouses past or present, significant others, children, and maybe even grandchildren have, or will ever have earned in the course of their entire lifetimes -- COMBINED.
He likely lives in a house most of us would consider a mansion, replete with butler, maid, chef, pool boy, and gardeners. Also likely is a fleet of high-end imported cars, and a fancy boat or 2 moored in places we in the Detroit area would rather be right now, for whenever he gets around to them.
As an NBA player, he's had world class medical treatment, with no copay, and his family probably has similar coverage. Top of the line training facilities and a free massage at the snap of a finger? No problem.
At that, what did he ever have? A broken nose? Big deal. Maybe he should talk to his much lesser paid NHL brethren about their teeth, stitches, and other things they man up about and never mention -- or the NFLers about ACLs, broken bones, concussions, and the average length of their pro careers.
While on the road with the team, he's flown on a plane that would put normal first class accommodations to shame, stayed in 5 star hotels, and been provided meal money while out on the town, as if he needed it.
Now, certain folks are pining and whining away because he didn't play a game or two. It's disrespectful, they say.
So let's all have a sob fest for poor Richard. Oh, boo hoo hoo. The poor man. How will he ever survive? R.I.P. Mr. Hamilton.
Shut up.

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