Thursday, January 20, 2011

A scary sports name

My name is Leach. As you can probably imagine, I've been teased a lot about that over the years. The junior high school mentality was brutal. But it could have been worse.
Some sports teams have nicknames that seem odd or don't even make sense. I'd bet you can come up with lots of them if you thought about it for a few minutes. Though it's old news, I'm going to pick a couple, as an example. 
On Christmas Eve, the Hawaii Bowl was played. The University of Tulsa came-a-calling to Honolulu. 
Hawaii's football team is now called the Warriors, but not that long ago, it was the Rainbow Warriors. That was a pretty cool name. Beats me why they changed it because, after all, there's lots of rainbows in Hawaii, and not that long ago there were indeed many warriors on those islands.
When Captain Cook sailed through there about the time we were fighting our own Revolutionary War, he named those territories the Sandwich Islands. So I guess it could be worse. In the end, even without the rainbow, just the name Warriors sounds a heck of a lot better than the Reubens or BLTs.
What really puzzles me, though, is the Tulsa football team's name. They're called the Golden Hurricanes. Last time I looked, Tulsa was still in Oklahoma, and while they may get their not so fair share of nasty weather in the form of  tornadoes or draughts, I don't remember any storms with names blowing through those parts. Put another way -- the chances of a hurricane happening in Tulsa are about the same as a volcanic eruption in Pontiac and, if I may exclude Mt. Patterson, there's no molten lava just beneath the surface. It's impossible. Can't happen.
And what's up with the "golden" bit anyway? I saw a hurricane in Florida once and there was nothing golden about it. It was gray.
Then again, as the Hawaiian football team's name could be worse, so could Tulsa's. Tornadoes usually bring unwanted torrential rain, but during draughts, people pray for it. Either way, it's mostly all about water. Some you welcome and some you don't. So if the good people in Tulsa insist on sticking to the golden color they chose for their team, but admit they never have hurricanes, and only occasionally get undesirable showers, then connect the dots, and that team just might be called the.... Tulsa Golden Showers???
It could be worse. A lot worse.

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