Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Tigers. Contenders or pretenders?

Both. Though an average team, they're contenders in the American League Central division almost by default -- aka -- nobody else is really good either. The Twins have been racked by injuries, from starting pitchers to star players. KC hasn't been any good since the George Brett days. Who knows what Ozzie will come up with next on the south side of Chitown, and Cleveland is, well, Cleveland. With the current system being what it is, despite 3 better teams in the east (Yanks, Bosox, and Rays), and whoever comes out of the west, they might just back door their way into the playoffs.

Yet as far as being an elite team -- they're pretenders. In reality, they have one excellent starting pitcher in Justin Verlander. The rest are a crap shoot. Along with Josh Beckett of the Bosox, and maybe CC Sabathia of the Yanks, JV's amongst the best in the American League right about now. If he learned to hit a little bit, he might even be able to crack the Phillies' starting rotation over in the National League. Maybe. And why don't American League pitchers take batting practice anyway? They normally have 4 off days between starts, and what else do they have to do? Chew sunflower seeds and add another unsoiled uniform to the wash when the game's over? While on the subject of pitching -- every time I look, the Tigers have a couple new guys in the "bullpen" the average fan never heard of.  That can't be good.

Catcher Alex Avila has had a hot bat for a couple months and the "homers" want to make him an All-Star. Please. Same with Jhonny Peralta. Hell, he can't even spell his name right. Idle thought -- I wonder if he's related to Dwyane Wade? Some say the Tigers need Brandon Inge back. What for? He's been a career .230 hitter for 10 years. Defensive prowess? Try again. Yeah, he makes some good plays, but so does every other 3rd baseman in the major leagues. Inge is what the "homers" see a lot of on TV.  Litmus test? Gold gloves. Stats -- none. So he ain't all that.

Miguel Cabrera is a bonafide beast with the bat. Quick quiz.... Guess who has more home runs, RBI's, runs scored and stolen bases right now than Cabrera? Answer later. The rest of the position players on the Tigers run hot and cold. Another crap shoot. While the "homers" will pay homage to every word that comes out of manager Jim Leyland's mouth like he just came down from the mountain with the tablets, the fact is, he's a sub- .500 career manager. And contrary to what they may want to believe, that isn't a "burning bush" they smell. It's a Marlboro.

But when it comes to "homers" for the Tigers, nobody can beat the TV announcing team of Mario Impemba and Rod Allen. Those guys are in a class by themselves. Even when the Tigers are getting blown out of the ballpark, the positive "spin" they can come up with is incredible. They need not ever worry about losing those jobs. High-ranking politicians would snap them up in a heartbeat for their new careers as "spokesmen". If those guys got any more "Homerish", they'd turn into a cartoon with a blue-haired wife named Marge. Doh.

The Tigers are about average. Like this blog, the pitching probably needs to be better, and a few more hits wouldn't hurt either.

Quick answer. Curtis Granderson, now with the NY Yanks.  Sound familiar?

The "homers" said Austin Jackson would be better.


So far he's looked more like Austin Powers, but the only thing he's "shagged" is a fat contract.

Or maybe Steve Austin as the 6 million dollar (bionic) man. He could run fast and not hit a lick either. Seems to me Lee Majors got paid somewhere around $35,000 per episode of that show.

Wonder what AJ makes every time he strikes out?



  1. youve been ok with the pistons, wings and tigers. theres only one team left. even i could write a article about those bums. so get to the good stuff and dont hold back. remember im 6-5 and 350 anc you werent in those caves. i checked.

  2. Dear big anonymous one. My apologies. I wearied of the cave life and have since relocated to the outback of Australia, where a very friendly family of wallabees was kind enough to take me in. Not sure you want to come here. The riding kinda sucks. Thanks for reading. JL

  3. The Blog is questionable. All that is needed to fix the sports problems is the town is vespers each Sunday morning at the Gridiron by the participants.