Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top Ten fantasy list

Some of the following can never happen, and the rest are likely improbable, but if Brandon Inge can make 7 or 8 million bucks a year for what he does -- then anything's possible.

This is my own personal wish list (for now), and if you can think of better ones -- lay em on me. Who knows? There's been sequels made of dumber things -- I think.

10) Jim Leyland actually laugh.
 9)  Matt Millen apologize to Detroit Lion fans.
 8)  New Pistons' owner Tom Gores changing DTE Theatre back to Pine Knob.
 7)  Just one week without hearing the name Lebron or Tiger.
 6)  Joey Chestnut walking into a $10 all-you-can-eat coney joint with a serious appetite.
 5)  Kyle Busch trying those same racing tactics with Dale Earnhart Sr.
 4)  Lions' owner William Clay Ford on the sidelines at a game acting like he cares.
 3)  Meadowlark Lemon giving so many little kids a lifetime memory -- one more time.
 2)  A sports telecast of any sort that isn't sponsored by a Japanese car company.

And the #1 thing on my wish list in the sports world?

Danica Patrick waking up one day soon with Serena Williams' cup size.

That would most definitely "start the gentlemen's engines".

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  1. How about no more stupid Peyton Manning commercials?