Monday, August 1, 2011

Fans on the field? Bring on the show

Watched any baseball games on TV lately, and seen a fan run on the field? I doubt it.

That's because somewhere along the line, the TV folks, in their infinite wisdom, decided showing such things would encourage more fans to do the same. Evidently, they reason some folks will do just about anything to get on TV, and if they don't beam it to the masses sitting home in front of their boob tubes, people will eventually realize the futility of it, stay in their seats at the stadium like good little robots, and truth, justice, and the American way will prevail once again.

They're wrong. It's stilll going to happen here and there.

A scenario:  Joe Fan has been struggling trying to make ends meet in a lousy economy. He finally saved up enough bucks to go to a game with his significant other. After parking, tickets, programs, pretzels, hot dogs, ice cream, and a couple beers, he's pretty well tapped out. Thoughts of ramen noodles and turning off the AC at home for the next month are dancing through his head.

He's been slowly gettting cooked by the sun in 95 degree weather, his team is hopelessly out of contention for any playoffs, and they're getting pummeled once again at home. His date is telling him what a klutz he is for this stupid idea in the first place, and now, ramen noodles be damned, he wants one more beer. After trudging all the way back to the concession stand, he discovers they cut off beer sales at the end of the last inning. Back to his seats he goes, where his beloved informs him that any idiot knows you can't buy beer after the 8th inning.

At that point in time, a capillary pops in his brain, and he charges onto the field. Being on TV is the last thing on whatever's left of this poor guy's mind. Then again, maybe he's thinking that whatever interrogation room he winds up in will be air-conditioned. Anything to get out of the heat, and it DID get him away from that unappreciative shrew. Let her cook for another couple hours and find her own way home. Who knows what lurks in such hearts and minds?

The point is, while all this is going on, what do we see at home? The cameras will zero in on the players, who often seem amused at whatever this guy is doing, while a pack of typically overweight security guards chase him around. (The Mike Curtis attitude -- the linebacker that absolutely blasted a fan that dared run onto the field --  is a relic of the past. These days people want entertainment wherever they can find and afford it). The TV folks will pan the crowd, and we can watch them pointing, smiling, and laughing at the unexpected show. They're loving it.

But we don't get to see it on the tube. That's just wrong.

These guys pose no threat to anybody.

It holds up the game? Puh-leeze. When you get the pitchers to stop shaking off 4 signs when they only know how to throw 2 pitches, and the batters to stop stepping out of the batter's box after every pitch, to unfasten and refasten velcro, scratch, stretch, take a couple practice swings, say a little prayer, and re-check the signs from the 3rd base coach -- then maybe that argument will hold water.They go through more worthless details than a Tom Clancy book. What's next? Tweets?

If a fan wants to run on the field and have a little fun, then why not? A lot of times it's a lot more entertaining than the game itself.

And people at home that sat through an entire boring ball game should be able to see it -- dammit.

Maybe I'll run on the field someday.. It's not about getting on TV. I couldn't care less about that. Tolerating a woman giving me a hard time? Take a number. Even ramen noodles and/or mac and cheese aren't  so bad when times are tough. You get used to it. There's just one thing holding me back.

I WOULD like to keep the AC on for another month or so.

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  1. very funny!! I love the part"let the fans run on the field" that is the best!!