Friday, August 12, 2011

I'll bet you a beer

It is now 1:15 AM Saturday morning. A while ago, I peeked at the Dettroit Lions game vs the Cincinatti Bengals. The Lions were ahead 31-3. The game's over by now and I have no idea what the final score was, but chances are, the Lions won handily.

In the morning, I'll go get the newspaper and turn on ESPN in the background, while sipping a V-8, my waking-up beverage of choice.

Here's where the bet comes in. Between a print reporter or a talking head, after all the hype that's been fed to Lions fans about players finally grasping the system, the offensive and defensive coordinators remaining the same, QB Matthew Stafford being healthy, a terrific draft, key players being picked up through free agency to upgrade certain positions, talk of winning the NFC Central Division, playoffs, and even Super Bowl aspirations -- after blitzing Cinci, at least one of those same people will tell you.....

Let's not get carried away. It's only one pre-season game, a long way to go, anything can happen, blah, blah.

To which I say -- they were trying to whip the masses into a frenzy for the last few months with optimism, and now, after a rousing start, they caution them not to get carried away. It would be nice if they made up their minds -- ya know? Some of those diehard folks actually believe that stuff.

Of course, this is only a guess. I could be wrong.

We'll all know in the morning.

BTW -- I prefer Miller Lite.

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  1. Guess none of us will know until tomorrow if your right. The new corporate team at the Oakland Press has pushed the "deadline" up to about the same time kindergartners go to bed.