Monday, August 1, 2011

Jered Weaver got it right. Ordonez and Guillen were chumps

There's certain unwritten rules in sports.

You don't step on a person's putting "line" on a golf green.
You don't check the goalie when he's out of the crease.
You don't tackle a guy by his hair.

And in this case, you don't hot dog when you were lucky enough to hit a home run off an ace pitcher. Most professional ball players understand you put your head down, run around the bases, and go back into the dugout to be congratulated by your teammates.

But not Magglio Ordonez of the Detroit Tigers. This is a guy that, of late, has made a mountain of money, while accomplishing a mole hill of production as a major league baseball player. Clearly towards the end of his career, which was nothing spectacular even at it's highest points, he lucked up and hit a home run against Jered Weaver of the LA Angels. For some reason, Maggie struck a Ruthian pose and watched his "shot".

Weaver yelled at him to just run the damn bases -- as well he should have.

For another unexplainable reason, this didn't sit well with Carlos Guillen, Ordonez's fellow Venezuelan teammate and countryman. Over an hour, and a full 4 innings later, Guillen lucked up and hit a home run too. Carly's nothing special either. He's a guy that's lasted a long time in the major leagues, and been basically a journeyman player. The last couple years, he's been about as serviceable as Lions' QB Matthew Stafford. In other words, he's making a whole lot of money, while being hurt more than he's healthy. He got WAY out of line pointing fingers and mocking Weaver. Very unprofessional and definitely not cool.

After generating an incident like that, it likely never crossed Guillen's hot-headed little mind what was going to happen to the next hitter, which happened to be catcher Alex Avila, who was innocent, but in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'll guarantee you Tigers' manager Jim Leyland knew what was likely to happen. Avila was going to get a 95 MPH fastball in his ribs, because of what the Terrell Owens wannabe did before him. That's another one of those unwritten rules.

But Weaver didn't do that. Though Tiger fans would likely disagree, Weaver is every bit as good a pitcher as Justin Verlander. As such, he has pinpoint control of where he throws the ball, and a message needed to be sent. He could have hit Avila on his leg, his butt, his ribs, or even stuck it in his ear if he wanted to. Instead, he threw it a foot over his head, for which he was promptly ejected. The umpire was wrong.

Weaver was exactly right in what he did. He was respecting the long honored baseball code by sending a "message", but not hurting anybody.

Look at it this way, Tiger fans. Had a couple of Angels hit home runs off Justin Verlander, then mocked him, what do you think JV would have done with the next batter? Probably drilled him. For that matter, Avila likely would have been shaking in his cleats had it been the likes of Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan, or Randy Johnson on the mound. Pro sports are getting wimpier every year, but I digress.

Kudos to Weaver for being a pro about it. Maybe Maggie and Carly will learn something from that -- but I doubt it.

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  1. Right on!!!! If they can't be more respectful than that in this country making millions of dollars for being average, send them back to Hugo Chavez.