Monday, February 24, 2014

Color my world

Yeah, OK. That's a classic song from the band Chicago back in the day. I get that. And believe it not, yours truly seldom writes or draws on the walls with Crayola products anymore. But sometimes this color thing can get downright confusing.

While watching an earlier basketball game between Syracuse and Maryland (at Maryland), something off-color seemed to be afoot. Maryland's school colors are red and white. So why was the entire study-body section in attendance wearing canary yellow t-shirts?

For that matter, Maryland calls it teams the Terps, which is short for terrapins. Terrapins are a variety of fresh water turtles. Ever see a red and white turtle -- let alone a canary yellow one? Not me. What's going on here? No wonder these guys can't win anything. They can't even get their colors right. And naming sports teams after turtles probably isn't the greatest motivational idea there ever was either.

But Syracuse was/is no better, maybe even worse. They call their team the Orangemen. Dang, I never knew Speaker of the House John Boehner even WENT to Syracuse, must less having the university naming its sports teams after him. I thought he was from Ohio, you know, a Buckeye. And buckeyes are smelly nuts that grow on trees. Well, OK. I'll concede Congress sort of fits that category these days, but that's not the point. Besides, REAL buckeyes are brown -- not orange.

Notre Dame calls itself the Fighting Irish, but the real Notre Dame is a cathedral in Paris. France, not Ireland. They can't even get the country right.
Michigan calls itself the wolverines, but there aren't any wolverines in Michigan.
Evidently, Southern Cal has a long history with condoms.
Anybody know what a Nittany Lion is?
And why would anybody ever call themselves the Ramblin Wreck? That sounds like a Pinto in a demolition derby. Good luck with that.

See what I mean about being confusing?

Color my world indeed. Maybe I should spend more time with my jumbo box of crayons.

Life seems to be a lot simpler that way.....

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