Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Justin Verlander and his toys

So Justin Verlander, ace pitcher of the Detroit Tigers, recently had a spanking new Lamborghini delivered to him at spring training in Florida, eh? Well, OK, he can certainly afford the measly $400,000 price tag it comes with. But seeing as how the car was made in Italy, brought across the "pond" to a dealer in Troy, Michigan, then was further transported to Lakeland, Florida -- I'm thinking those shipping and handling charges had to be a killer.

When asked if he actually drove it, Verlander said no. He didn't want to put the miles on it. Stop right there. Timeout.

What's the point of owning a such a fancy car if one doesn't drive it? Wouldn't that be a little bit like shacking up with Miss Universe but sleeping in separate bedrooms? Verlander may have mastered the art of major league pitching but, it appears even at age 30, he's still in the minors when it comes to the boys and their toys department.

At that, Verlander has a big-time problem on his hands. Back at his home in Virginia, he only has an 8 car garage, and the Ghini makes #9. So what is the poor dear to to? Maybe a chat with Jay Leno would be in order. The former chin-master of NBC has two airplane hangars chock full of classic cars and motorcycles. Maybe he'd rent Verlander a little space. Sure, Santa Monica is a long ways from Virgina, but not nearly as far as JV's Rambo Lambo has already travelled -- still with no mileage on it. What's one more shipping and handling charge?

Besides, Leno recently got put out to pasture. The same will likely happen to Verlander in 5-6 years. Maybe the old guy could school the young stud on how to prepare for that as well.

What's somewhat ironic is Verlander makes all his millions pitching for Detroit, not long ago the absolute hub of car manufacturing in the world. Yet Justin first had to have a Porsche, a Mercedes, a Ferrari, and now the Lamborghini. Only now is he considering actually buying a classic car that was made in America. According to Verlander, he just can't seem to find the right one.

He thought he had it in a '56 Corvette. Alas, JV said he couldn't fit his 6 foot 5 frame into it. He was so disappointed.

Hogwash. Some of us can remember when Wilt Chamberlain, all 7 foot 1 of him, was advertising and shown driving around in Volkswagens on TV. Add the recent Shaquille O'Neal Buick car ads. So we're supposed to believe the Stilt was comfortable in a Beetle and Shaq's Jurassic girth fit smoothly into a compact car -- but Verlander couldn't squeeze himself into a Vette? Do you see something wrong with this picture?

And for that matter -- what difference does it make if Verlander's not going to drive it anyway? Hello? At least Leno takes his stuff out on the tarmac once in a while.

Maybe Verlander should take a cue from another Justin who, BTW, is in a fairly high income bracket himself. Bieber had a brand new Lamborghini too. Yeah, the Bieb got busted for drunk driving, drag racing, and a bunch of other stuff. This is what happens to spoiled brats with way too much money.

But at least he manned up and drove the damn thing.......

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  1. One typical of owning big sports car is that they are used just to show off, and not drive daily for other regular purposes.